Acne Scams


Don’t fall for it!

You’ve probably seen it by now – a very spotty teenager with a before and after shot, showing his acne completely gone in 4 weeks.

Is there any truth in it? Well maybe just a little.  You pay your money to read the same old theories with a slightly different slant but here’s the thing.

Very spotty teeanage boy

Very spotty teeanage boy

Like anything else in life, not just acne, when you get to the point of forking out some serious money you have reached the point where you are fairly committed to getting a result, in this case a cure for acne – it  could just as easily be many other things – diets readily spring to mind.

What happens is you totally focus on the task in hand and this in itself achieves something of a result. Please don’t pay good money for these miracle cures for acne.

You can find the same advise by doing a little research on the net.  Don’t forget we are all different s what works for your fiend may not work for you, so called ‘miracle cure’ or not.

Follow your common sense and keep focused – whatever method you choose to cure you acne you will find this has a far better chance of success.

Just remember – the real cure comes from inside – live healthy – stay fit the best thing for curing acne.