All Natural Flu Remedy

All Natural Flu Remedy

If a full-blown flu can’t be averted, you can find many ways to suppress cold and flu symptoms at any chemist. But suppressing symptoms with drugs may turn out to be counterproductive. Those flu symptoms are, in fact, important aspects of your body’s immune defenses against these diseases. In the case of a viral infection, which is what colds and flu are, to suppress your body’s natural mechanisms for beating the illness is not all natural.

Homeopathy for Bird Flu

by Keith Smith L.C.P.H. M.H.M.A.   Homeopath Writer and Life Coach

As a homeopath I help many patients each year to reduce their chances of getting influenza. So I was not too surprised last Autumn when a patient who has kept ‘flu free for many years by using homeopathic remedies rather than vaccination asked me for advice on avoiding the risk of infection should ‘bird flu’ hit these shores.

Apart from the obvious precaution of avoiding contact with infected birds animals or people the following is a list of actions that anyone can take and which are proven by scientific research to help reduce the risk of infection. In addition I identified a homeopathic remedy produced from a respiratory infection found in birds which may reduce the risk of infection still further based on the homeopathic principal of like curing like. An added bonus is that it is free of the side effects and toxins present in conventional vaccines which in any case do not prevent bird ‘flu.

How to protect yourself

The best protection for everyone is a healthy immune system. Make sure you have plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables (organic if possible) and quality protein. Avoid sugar and refined carbohydrates (sugar depresses protective immune responses for more than five hours).

Supplements Scientifically Proven To Support Resistance To Infection


Vitamin C – take between 500mg and one gram daily. Increase up to six grams per day in divided doses at first sign of infection.

Vitamin E D and selenium are known to boost the immune system – as is zinc which has been shown to slow viral replication.

Herbs Shown To Be Useful

Astragalus and Echinacea are excellent anti viral herbs for giving the immune system a kick-start.

What To Do If You Do Get A Flu Virus

Stay at home keep warm rest and drink plenty of water. Use a proven pathogen destroyer such as oil of oregano and/or garlic.

There are many natural homeopathic remedies used to support ‘flu sufferers including osillococcinum – proven successful in double blind studies for the early stages of ‘flu Gelsemium Bryonia Eupatorium and Rhus Tox and for the gastric ‘flu that has affected so many lately – podophyllum. For a homeopathic kit or Simple Guide to Using Homeopathy (£4 -99) ring 01323 842633.

And don’t forget the homemade chicken soup – scientific studies show that it really helps!

Keith Smith is a local Homeopath writer and Life Coach and can be contacted via email at Homeopathy for Health or by phone Tel: 01323 842633