Breast Implants & Exercise

 On the subject of Exercise

Courtesy of Rick Silverman

Regarding your questions most of my implant patients have undergone sub muscular augmentation since I think that this looks better in the long term especially in women with thin skin and little breast tissue.  With that in mind I encourage my patients to proceed slowly with any weight training avoiding any manoeuvres which might be painful.

They may resume cardio in a week and then progress with lifting after two weeks.  Lower extremity exercises will have less impact on the chest area so those are okay after a couple of weeks.  Other exercises which involve the upper body should be done cautiously to avoid pain and if something is painful it s likely not a good idea to do it.  I could give you a list of exercises but any such list would be far from complete and it s really more of a common sense approach keeping in mind which muscles are trained with any given exercise.

Anything that involves the pectoralis muscle will be painful.  Exercises can be modified to isolate out the pectoralis and by using low weight with isolation pain (and similarly potential injury to the operative site) can be avoided.  If you re new to weight training you d likely be best served to discuss such principles with your surgeon or with a trainer who can direct your efforts to protect the surgical site.

Generally speaking I think that bodybuilding women tend to do very well after the surgery and I agree that much of their resilience is based on attitude.  It s important however that they follow instructions so that they don t overdo it and set themselves back by being too aggressive early on.

You may feel free to share these ideas.  It s important for any patient to consult with their surgeon before doing any activity after surgery since he or she may have different ideas.

Rick Silverman