Calories Burned Daily

Below you will find average calorie burns for ‘How many calories burned doing Daily’, by weight range and how many minutes spent doing it.

Calories Burned Daily 30 Minutes

Calories Burned Daily for 30 minutes

  • Weight 100lb: 280
  • Weight 120lb: 340
  • Weight 125lb: 350
  • Weight 150lb: 420
  • Weight 175lb: 480
  • Weight 200lb: 550
  • Weight 250lb: 670
  • Weight 300lb: 790

Calories Burned Daily 1 Hour

Calories Burned Daily One Hour

  • Weight 100lb: 560
  • Weight 120lb: 680
  • Weight 125lb: 700
  • Weight 150lb: 850
  • Weight 175lb: 970
  • Weight 200lb: 1090
  • Weight 250lb: 1340
  • Weight 300lb: 1590

Calories Burned Daily 20 Minutes

20 Minutes Daily

  • Weight 100lb: 190
  • Weight 120lb: 230
  • Weight 125lb: 230
  • Weight 150lb: 280
  • Weight 175lb: 320
  • Weight 200lb: 360
  • Weight 250lb: 450
  • Weight 300lb: 530

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Calories Burned Tips

  • Join a sports league – Fitness can be fun, and if it is, you’re more likely to stick with it.
  • Reduce common stressors – Stress can actually cause the body to metabolize food more slowly, according to research published in the journal Biological Psychiatry. To make matters worse, the food we crave when we’re stressed out tends to be fatty and full of sugar. Researchers say that the combination of high-cal cravings and a stress-induced, snail-paced metabolic rate can result in significant weight gain. To increase your metabolism, fight stress with laughter. Research shows that smiling and laughing causes levels of stress hormones to diminish.
  • Laugh more – It’s no joke: Genuine laughter may cause a 10–20 percent increase in basal energy expenditure and resting heart-rate, according to a study published in the International Journal of Obesity. That means a 10-15 minute giggle fest could burn up 40 to 170 calories. Let us hear you lol!
  • Treat Yourself – If you’re cutting calories to lose weight, add 200-300 to your daily intake once in a while, says Amanda Bonfiglio Cunningham, a senior Yoga Medicine instructor. The body will get used to a calorie deficit diet, adjusting by slowing the metabolic rate. By allowing yourself a day of indulgence (not overindulgence!), you’re creating a healthy balance, she explains. The extra calories raise leptin production, a hormone that regulates appetite and energy. This rise triggers thermogenesis, the body’s natural tendency to create heat, which results in burning calories. Pass the dessert menu!
  • Spice Up Your Soup – Sprinkle a few hot peppers into your lunchtime soup or evening stir-fry. They temporarily boost your resting metabolic rate, according to research done at Laval University in Canada. Here’s why: Capsaicin, a compound found in jalapeño and cayenne peppers, temporarily stimulates your body to release more stress hormones, such as adrenaline, speeding up your metabolism and thus increasing your ability to burn calories, says study coauthor Angelo Tremblay, director of the Institute of Nutraceuticals and Functional Foods at Laval. Bonus: The pepper-eaters had less of an appetite, Tremblay found, probably because the spiciness of the food made them feel full.

Calories Burned Daily 10 Minutes

  • Weight 100lb: 90
  • Weight 120lb: 110
  • Weight 125lb: 120
  • Weight 150lb: 140
  • Weight 175lb: 160
  • Weight 200lb: 180
  • Weight 250lb: 220
  • Weight 300lb: 260

Calories Burned Daily 15 Minutes

  • Weight 100lb: 140
  • Weight 120lb: 170
  • Weight 125lb: 180
  • Weight 150lb: 210
  • Weight 175lb: 240
  • Weight 200lb: 270
  • Weight 250lb: 330
  • Weight 300lb: 400

Calories Burned Daily 45 Minutes

  • Weight 100lb: 420
  • Weight 120lb: 510
  • Weight 125lb: 530
  • Weight 150lb: 630
  • Weight 175lb: 730
  • Weight 200lb: 820
  • Weight 250lb: 1000
  • Weight 300lb: 1190