Calories Burned House Painting

Below you will find average calorie burns for ‘How many calories burned doing House Painting’, by weight range and how many minutes spent doing it.

Calories Burned House Painting 30 Minutes

Calories Burned House Painting for 30 minutes

  • Weight 100lb: 150
  • Weight 120lb: 190
  • Weight 125lb: 190
  • Weight 150lb: 240
  • Weight 175lb: 270
  • Weight 200lb: 310
  • Weight 250lb: 380
  • Weight 300lb: 450

Calories Burned House Painting 1 Hour

Calories Burned House Painting One Hour

  • Weight 100lb: 300
  • Weight 120lb: 370
  • Weight 125lb: 390
  • Weight 150lb: 470
  • Weight 175lb: 540
  • Weight 200lb: 610
  • Weight 250lb: 750
  • Weight 300lb: 890

Calories Burned House Painting 20 Minutes

20 Minutes House Painting

  • Weight 100lb: 100
  • Weight 120lb: 120
  • Weight 125lb: 130
  • Weight 150lb: 160
  • Weight 175lb: 180
  • Weight 200lb: 200
  • Weight 250lb: 250
  • Weight 300lb: 300

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Calories Burned Tips

  • Snack on Nuts – A recent study found that dieters who snacked on shelled pistachios shed more pounds than those who ate other snacks, even though they contained the same amount of calories.
  • Work standing up – Standing burns at least 30-percent more calories than sitting on your backside all day.
  • Add more avocado – It’s like butter that grows on trees. But instead of the cholesterol, trans fats, and saturated fats in real butter, avocado contains metabolism-enhancing monounsaturated fat. And that’s not all. Each creamy fruit is also packed with fiber and free-radical-killing antioxidants. Free radicals are destructive rogue oxygen molecules – natural byproducts of metabolism – that trigger various chain reactions in the body that destroy cells and DNA, causing all kinds of health problems. Antioxidants in fresh fruits and vegetables can help neutralize some free radicals, but they can’t reach the mitochondria. When your mitochondria aren’t working properly, your metabolism runs less efficiently. Enter: Avocado. A 2015 study found that monounsaturated-rich oil pressed from the fruit can help mitochondria become more resilient.
  • Have a high-protein breakfast – Contrary to popular belief, researchers now say breakfast doesn’t kickstart the metabolism and may not be the most important meal of the day. A study in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition had more than 300 overweight participants consume diets that included either eating or skipping breakfast. At the end of 16 weeks, dieters who ate breakfast lost no more weight than the breakfast skippers. And a second study in the same journal found eating breakfast had zero impact on resting metabolism. Breakfast is an ideal place to squeeze protein, fiber, and other nutrients into your day, but if the choice is a doughnut or nothing, opt for the nothing. Start your day with lean protein, which burns twice as many calories during digestion as fat or carbs. But don’t stress about squeezing it in before 9 a.m.
  • Skip Alcohol – Thinking about having a cocktail – or two – before dinner? Think again. Having a drink before a meal causes people to eat around 200 calories more, several studies show. Drinking with dinner isn’t such a good idea either: Other research has found that the body burns off alcohol first, meaning that the calories in the rest of the meal are more likely to be stored as fat. If you do have a cocktail craving, stick to wine, which packs only 80 calories a glass – or minimize the calories by drinking a white-wine spritzer (two ounces of wine mixed with two ounces of seltzer).

Calories Burned House Painting 10 Minutes

  • Weight 100lb: 50
  • Weight 120lb: 60
  • Weight 125lb: 60
  • Weight 150lb: 80
  • Weight 175lb: 90
  • Weight 200lb: 100
  • Weight 250lb: 130
  • Weight 300lb: 150

Calories Burned House Painting 15 Minutes

  • Weight 100lb: 80
  • Weight 120lb: 90
  • Weight 125lb: 100
  • Weight 150lb: 120
  • Weight 175lb: 140
  • Weight 200lb: 150
  • Weight 250lb: 190
  • Weight 300lb: 220

Calories Burned House Painting 45 Minutes

  • Weight 100lb: 230
  • Weight 120lb: 280
  • Weight 125lb: 290
  • Weight 150lb: 350
  • Weight 175lb: 410
  • Weight 200lb: 460
  • Weight 250lb: 560
  • Weight 300lb: 670