Calories Burned In A Day

Below you will find average calorie burns for ‘How many calories burned doing In A Day’, by weight range and how many minutes spent doing it.

Calories Burned In A Day 30 Minutes

Calories Burned In A Day for 30 minutes

  • Weight 100lb: 550
  • Weight 120lb: 650
  • Weight 125lb: 680
  • Weight 150lb: 800
  • Weight 175lb: 950
  • Weight 200lb: 1100
  • Weight 250lb: 1400
  • Weight 300lb: 1700

Calories Burned In A Day 1 Hour

Calories Burned In A Day One Hour

  • Weight 100lb: 1100
  • Weight 120lb: 1300
  • Weight 125lb: 1350
  • Weight 150lb: 1600
  • Weight 175lb: 1900
  • Weight 200lb: 2200
  • Weight 250lb: 2800
  • Weight 300lb: 3400

Calories Burned In A Day 20 Minutes

20 Minutes In A Day

  • Weight 100lb: 370
  • Weight 120lb: 430
  • Weight 125lb: 450
  • Weight 150lb: 530
  • Weight 175lb: 630
  • Weight 200lb: 730
  • Weight 250lb: 930
  • Weight 300lb: 1130

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Calories Burned Tips

  • Get fresh – Eliminate all packaged foods and eat only fresh ingredients you’ve prepared. No bags, boxes, cans, or cartons allowed.
  • Put on muscle – Even when you’re at rest, your body is constantly burning calories. In fact, 60 to 80 percent of the calories that you burn each day are being used up just keeping you alive, according to research published in Frontiers in Physiology. Studies show resting metabolic rate and total calories burned is much higher in people with more muscle because every pound of muscle uses about 6 calories a day just to sustain itself. If you can pack on just five pounds of muscle and sustain it, you’ll burn the caloric equivalent of three pounds of fat over the course of a year.
  • Add mustard to meals – Add mustard to your meal, and feel the burn – literally! Scientists at England’s Oxford Polytechnic Institute found that by eating just one teaspoon of mustard (about 5 calories) can boost the metabolism by up to 25 percent for several hours after eating. The benefits, researchers say, may be attributed to capsaicin and allyl isothiocyanates, phytochemicals that give the mustard its characteristic flavor.
  • Nibble on dark chocolate – In a study conducted by Swiss and German researchers, lucky participants ate about 1.5 ounces of dark chocolate daily for two weeks. Ultimately, these chocolate nibblers had lower stress-hormone levels and a more regulated metabolism than a control group. Scientists speculate that chemicals in cocoa, such as flavonoids, play a role in regulating metabolism by alleviating stress that can cause your fat-burning engines to go on the fritz. Should you think this is a license to go wild, take heed: We’re talking small amounts of high-quality dark chocolate. Researchers say 1.5 ounces is enough.
  • Wall Plank – Bracing your feet against the wall, you hold your body parallel to the ground, with core muscles engaged. Add some leg curls if you aren’t getting enough exercise just holding yourself up.

Calories Burned In A Day 10 Minutes

  • Weight 100lb: 180
  • Weight 120lb: 220
  • Weight 125lb: 230
  • Weight 150lb: 270
  • Weight 175lb: 320
  • Weight 200lb: 370
  • Weight 250lb: 470
  • Weight 300lb: 570

Calories Burned In A Day 15 Minutes

  • Weight 100lb: 280
  • Weight 120lb: 330
  • Weight 125lb: 340
  • Weight 150lb: 400
  • Weight 175lb: 480
  • Weight 200lb: 550
  • Weight 250lb: 700
  • Weight 300lb: 850

Calories Burned In A Day 45 Minutes

  • Weight 100lb: 830
  • Weight 120lb: 980
  • Weight 125lb: 1010
  • Weight 150lb: 1200
  • Weight 175lb: 1430
  • Weight 200lb: 1650
  • Weight 250lb: 2100
  • Weight 300lb: 2550