Calories Burned Race Walking

Below you will find average calorie burns for ‘How many calories burned doing Race Walking’, by weight range and how many minutes spent doing it.

Calories Burned Race Walking 30 Minutes

Calories Burned Race Walking for 30 minutes

  • Weight 100lb: 150
  • Weight 120lb: 190
  • Weight 125lb: 190
  • Weight 150lb: 240
  • Weight 175lb: 270
  • Weight 200lb: 310
  • Weight 250lb: 380
  • Weight 300lb: 450

Calories Burned Race Walking 1 Hour

Calories Burned Race Walking One Hour

  • Weight 100lb: 300
  • Weight 120lb: 370
  • Weight 125lb: 390
  • Weight 150lb: 470
  • Weight 175lb: 540
  • Weight 200lb: 610
  • Weight 250lb: 750
  • Weight 300lb: 890

Calories Burned Race Walking 20 Minutes

20 Minutes Race Walking

  • Weight 100lb: 100
  • Weight 120lb: 120
  • Weight 125lb: 130
  • Weight 150lb: 160
  • Weight 175lb: 180
  • Weight 200lb: 200
  • Weight 250lb: 250
  • Weight 300lb: 300

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Calories Burned Tips

  • Halve it – Divide your normal portion by two and save the rest for later. You are likely to feel full on less food than you think.
  • Try HIIT workouts to build muscle mass – When it comes to the best workouts for weight loss, neither weights nor cardio can completely move the needle on their own. Interval training is the best way to shed pounds, increase your metabolism, and improve insulin sensitivity. One International Journal of Obesity study found that 20-minute HIIT workouts helped women lose 5.5 more pounds and gain more lean muscle mass over the course of 15 weeks than women who did long, steady cardio workouts. At the gym, sign up for a HIIT class, or turn your favorite aerobic exercise, (running, biking, even walking) into an interval workout by adding periods of intense speed (start with 30 to 60 seconds) followed by periods of rest (normal speed) for the same amount of time. Do this six to 10 times to complete a fat-slashing workout. As you get better, slowly increase the amount of time of increased intensity.
  • Choose broccoli – Calcium and vitamin C team up well to boost metabolism. Broccoli contains both nutrients, not to mention the kind of fiber that’s been shown to increase TEF. What’s more: Broccoli contains a compound that works on a genetic level to effectively switch off cancer genes, leading to the targeted death of cancer cells and slowing of disease progression.
  • Drink Water – And Lots Of It – Boosting your metabolism by drinking water might seem too easy, but it really does work. In a study published in The Journal of Clinical Endocrinology and Metabolism, researchers found that participants’ metabolisms increased by a whopping 30 percent just 10 minutes after drinking 16 ounces of H20.
  • Push-Ups – Done properly, push-ups work your shoulders, chest, upper and lower back, core abdominal muscles, triceps, biceps, and if you are really into it, your buttocks. Done improperly, like most of us do them, they work your shoulders. Doing a push-up with perfect form is much better than doing one or more bad push-ups.

Calories Burned Race Walking 10 Minutes

  • Weight 100lb: 50
  • Weight 120lb: 60
  • Weight 125lb: 60
  • Weight 150lb: 80
  • Weight 175lb: 90
  • Weight 200lb: 100
  • Weight 250lb: 130
  • Weight 300lb: 150

Calories Burned Race Walking 15 Minutes

  • Weight 100lb: 80
  • Weight 120lb: 90
  • Weight 125lb: 100
  • Weight 150lb: 120
  • Weight 175lb: 140
  • Weight 200lb: 150
  • Weight 250lb: 190
  • Weight 300lb: 220

Calories Burned Race Walking 45 Minutes

  • Weight 100lb: 230
  • Weight 120lb: 280
  • Weight 125lb: 290
  • Weight 150lb: 350
  • Weight 175lb: 410
  • Weight 200lb: 460
  • Weight 250lb: 560
  • Weight 300lb: 670