From our list of ailments, see what Chickweed can be used for:

  • Obesity

Natural Remedies using Chickweed

Supports kidneys Chickweed balances water in the body, and this supports kidney function. Some have reported that it reduces water weight and water accumulations, and that it can reduce cysts in the body. When water is being properly regulated in the body, the metabolism usually functions normally.

Activities (Chickweed) — Antiinflammatory (1; APA); Antiitch (f; PNC); Antipyretic (f; PED); Antirheumatic (f; PNC); Bitter (f; PED); Demulcent (f; CRC; FAD; PED); Depurative (f; CRC; MAD; PH2); Digestive (f; PED); Diuretic (f; EFS; PED); Emmenagogue (f; CRC; DAA); Emollient (PNC); Expectorant (f; CRC; EFS; FAD; PED); Lactagogue (f; CRC; DAA); Poison (f; CRC); Vulnerary (f; PNC).


The Benefit of using Chickweed as a natural cure

Supports respiratory system A demulcent by design and moistening by nature, chickweed aids dry and constrained respiration problems, includ-ing dry coughs, asthma, and allergic irritations. Reduces internal bleeding and inflammation A nutrient-rich herb, chickweed helps the body assimilate trace minerals and vitamins. is func-tion creates overall vitality at the cellular level but can also aid in the cessation of bleeding from ulcers, intestines, or rectum. Its cooling nature also helps reduce inflammation.

Any time there is disharmony in your health, something in your body is probably not being nourished as it should. Nourishing herbs bring in specific elements such as vitamins, toning minerals, and soothing properties. ese herbs can also have an a?nity for a particular organ or system. By providing the supporting elements for tissues, organs, or functions, these herbs help the targeted system operate more proficiently. Nourishing herbs can also serve as a bu?er from other herbs in a blend. For example, when you use a purgative herb such as cascara sagrada to help eliminate the bowels, it often causes irritation to the mucous membranes in the gut. Adding a nourishing herb such as chickweed to the blend will help to soothe and bu?er the irritating action. Usually, one or two nourishing herbs make up 10 to 25 percent of the blend.

Soothes eyes Used as an herbal eyewash for tired, strained eyes. A good choice of herb to blend with chickweed after working too long on a computer.

Dosages (Chickweed) — 3 (389 mg) capsules 3 ×/day (APA); 1 tsp plant juice 6–8 ×/day (MAD); 2–3 tsp herb in cold or hot tea (MAD); 0.25–0.5 cup fresh herb (PED); 6–12 g dry herb (PED); 9 g dry herb:45 ml alcohol/45 ml water (PED); 1–4 ml liquid herb extract (PNC); 1–5 ml tincture/day (SKY).