From our list of herbs and spices, the following are recommended for Colic:

  • Carrot
  • Catnip
  • Fennel Seed
  • Juniper Berry
  • Lemon Balm
  • Wild Yam

Natural Cures and Remedies for Colic

Cancer (1; FNF; JLH); Cancer, breast (1; FNF; JLH); Cancer, colon (1; FNF; JLH); Cancer, ovary (1; FNF; JLH); Cancer, stomach (1; FNF; JLH); Catarrh (f; PH2); Cholera (f; MAD); Cold (f; PHR); Colic (1; MAD); Confusion (f; PH2); Constipation (f; EFS; FAD; HHB); Cramp (f; DEM); Diarrhea (f; MAD); Diphtheria (f; MAD; PHR); Dysentery (f; MAD); Enterosis (f; MAD); Felon (f; JLH); Fever (f; HHB; PHR; PH2; PNC); Flu (f; MAD; PH2); Gastrosis (f; MAD); Gingivosis (f; PNC); Gonorrhea (f; DEM; PH2); Head Cold (f; PH2; PHR); Hemoptysis (f; DEM); Hepatosis (f; HHB); Immunodepression (1; FAD; PH2; PNC); Infection (f; PH2; PNC); Inflammation (f; DEM; FAD; JLH; PH2); Influenza (f; PHR); Leukorrhea (f; PHR); Leukemia (1; FNF); Lymphadenosis (f; PHR); Lymphoma (1; FNF); Malaria (f; MAD; PHR); Mastosis (f; PH2); Melanoma (1; FNF); Mucososis (f; PH2); Nephrosis (f; DEM); Neuroblastoma (1; FNF); Pharyngosis (f; PH2; PNC); Proctosis (f; MAD); Prolapse (f; MAD); Respirosis (f; PH2); Rheumatism (f; DEM); Scarlet Fever (f; MAD; PHR); Sore (f; DEM; FAD; PH2); Sore Throat (f; FAD; PH2); Sprain (f; DEM); Stomatosis (f; PHR); Swelling (f; JLH); Tonsilosis (f; PH2; PNC); Toothache (f; DEM; FAD); Tumor (1; FNF); Typhoid (f; PHR); Typhus (f; MAD; PHR); Vaginosis (f; PNC); VD (f; DEM); Vomiting (f; DEM); Whitlow (f; JLH); Wound (f; DEM; PHR).

Cancer (1; JLH; PNC); Candida (f; WHO); Cardiopathy (f; PH2); Catarrh (f; CRC); Cerebrosis (f; FEL); Cholera (f; CRC; MAB); Chorea (f; FEL; MAB; MAD); Cold (f; CRC); Colic (f; CAN; V

Carrot, Catnip, Fennel Seed, Juniper Berry, Lemon Balm, Wild Yam

Cool, soothing and sedative, blue alleviates pain, reducing bleeding and heals burns. It is beneficial in the treatment of dysentery, colic, asthma, respiratory disorders, high blood pressure and skin aberrations. IN a study at the New England State Hospital in the United States, 25

Contraindications, Interactions, and Side Effects (Tomato) — Not covered (AHP; KOM). None reported at normal doses (PH2). Leaves are poisonous and green tomatoes may not be salubrious; toxicity not noted with less than 100 g. Symptoms include arrhythmia, bradycardia, colic, cramps, diarrhea, dizziness, dyspnea, headache, mucososis, vomiting, and in huge overdoses, respiratory collapse (PH2).

Indications (Beauty Berry) — Cancer (f; JLH); Cancer, skin (f; JLH); Colic (f; DEM); Dermatosis (f; DEM; JLH); Dizziness (f; DEM); Dropsy (f; FAD); Dysentery (f; DEM); Dysuria (f; DEM); Enterosis (f; DEM); Fever (f; DEM); Fungus (1; JAF48:3008); Gastrosis (f; DEM); Infection (1; JAF48:3008); Itch (f; DEM); Malaria (f; DEM); Mycosis (1; JAF48:3008); Rheumatism (f; DEM); Stomachache (f; DEM); Water Retention (f; DEM).

Toxic doses (600–1000 mg) may cause colic, diarrhea, hematchezia, nephrosis, and vomiting; lethal doses (as low as 2 g) may cause convulsions, paralysis, and possibly death due to circulatory collapse (PH2).