Colonic Irrigation

See also Colon Hydrotherapy

What is Colonic Irrigation?

A colonic irrigation is a procedure during which water flows under gentle pressure into the colon (large intestine) and slowly encourages the colon to release harmful bacteria and toxic waste.  The waste is discharged through a completely closed system and inspected through glass observation tubes.

The colon is repeatedly filled with water and emptied promoting proper peristaltic action.

Your colonic irrigation will be a gentle and comfortable experience lasting about  45 minutes. A course of colonic irrigation sessions will help improve colon function and overall health.

All colonic irrigation centres should use water that has been filtered and sterilized by an ultra violet light disinfection system.

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What are the benefits of colonic irrigation?

They help eliminate the poisons of putrefaction from the colon and encourage the healthy bacteria to flourish again. The gentle filling and emptying of the colon improves the peristaltic activity. This will help reduce the time it takes waste matter to pass through the body.

As in reflexology
the colon has reflex points directly related to organs and bodily functions. Colonic Irrigation gently stimulates these points.

Additional and efficient water absorption of water through the colon will help hydrate cells dilute and flush toxins through the kidneys.

How to prepare for colonic irrigation

Increase your fruit and vegetable intake a day or two before and drink plenty of water.  Cut out all mucous-forming foods – dairy products like milk butter and cheese.  Try and reduce flour products  – pasta bread muffins crackers.

You may eat a light meal up to 2 hours prior to your colonic.

Will one colonic be enough?

Probably not. We have a considerable amount of impacted material in our colons.  Most people find a considerable difference on their second or third visit.

The number of colonics required varies from one person to another.  On average 3 colonic irrigations are best about a week apart.

Will colonics wash out the good  bacteria?

Good intestinal flora can only breed in clean environment. Removing toxic waste from the colon will help increase the good bacteria as we rebuild a healthy balance. Valuable nutrients will better absorbed in a clean colon.

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