Congestive heart failure

From our list of herbs and spices, the following are recommended for Congestive heart failure:

  • Hawthorn

Natural Cures and Remedies for Congestive heart failure

Obesity, cardiac disease, and death go hand in hand, independent of all other risk factors. In other words, regardless of all other lifestyle risk factors such as smoking, chemical abuse, and stresses that may or may not be part of your daily life, obesity alone can bring on heart disease and mortality. Obesity is usually accompanied by elevated cholesterol levels, especially the low density lipids (WL) cholesterol, otherwise known as bad cholesterol. LDL cholesterol is directly related to coronary artery disease, coronary occlusion, and death from cardiac arrest. The incidence ofcongestive heart failure (CHF) and its morbidity and mortality are also closely related to obesity. Elevated blood pressure usually accompanies obesity, along with a taxing of the heart muscle, which has to circulate blood through hundreds of miles of extra venules, capillaries, and arterioles that run throughout the mass of adipose tissue. This weakens the heart muscle until it becomes an inefficient pump, and a dam forms causing fluid to build up in the lungs, virtually drowning the individual in his or her own fluids.

Contraindications, Interactions, and Side Effects (Bayberry) — Class 1 (AHP). None known (PHR). Not covered (KOM). ‘Hazards and/or side effects not known for proper therapeutic dosages” (PH2). Bayberry is carcinogenic to rats (CAN). ‘Canadian regulations do not allow bayberry as a non-medicinal ingredient for oral use products” (Michols, 1995). Large doses may cause mineralcorticoid side effects (high blood pressure, sodium retention, water retention). Use of this herb can deplete potassium in the body, leading to high blood pressure and edema. Should not be used by persons with high blood pressure, edema, kidney disease, congestive heart failure, gastrointestinal conditions, and/or sodium/potassium imbalance without first consulting a doctor.