From our list of herbs and spices, the following are recommended for Detox:

  • Fenugreek
  • Ginger
  • Neem
  • Turmeric

Natural Cures and Remedies for Detox

Yellow dock is another general detoxifier, which is especially useful whenever skin problems are made worse by constipation (yellow dock is a gentle laxative). It can be used for eczema, acne and psoriasis.

Activities (Dandelion) — Allergenic (1; CAN); Alterative (f; CRC); Antibacterial (1; CRC; WOI); Antidote (f; AKT); Antiedemic (1; CAN); Antiinflammatory (1; CAN; SHT); Antioxidant (1; CRC; FNF); Antirheumatic (f; CAN); Antiseptic (1; CRC; FAD); Antispasmodic (f; SHT); Antitumor (1; CAN); Aperient (f; SUW); Aperitif (2; AKT; BGB; JFM; KOM; PIP); Aquaretic (SHT); Astringent (f; PED); Bifidogenic (1; AKT; FNF); Bitter (1; APA; PED; SHT; SUW); Candidicide (1; CRC; FAD); Carminative (2; APA; KOM); Cholagogue (2; KOM; PH2; SHT; WAM); Cholekinetic (SHT); Choleretic (2; APA; KOM; SHT); Demulcent (f; FAD); Depurative (f; CRC; JFM); Detoxicant (f; AKT); Diaphoretic (f; CRC; KAP); Digestive (f; APA; SKY); Diuretic (2; AKT; APA; HH3; KOM; SUW; WAM); Hepatotonic (1; CAN; PED); Hypoglycemic (1; CAN; CRC); Lactagogue (f; CRC; LMP; PED; PH2); Laxative (1; APA; CAN; SUW; WAM); Litholytic (f; PED); Natriuretic (f; JAD); Phototoxic (1; CRC); Prebiotic (1; AKT; FNF); Saluretic (2; BGB; HH3; PH2); Secretagogue (f; PH2); Sialagogue (1; APA); Stimulant (f; CRC); Stomachic (1; APA; CRC; PED); Tonic (f; BGB; CRC; SUW).

Barley Grass, Beet Root, Burdock Root, Carrot, Dandelion Root, Echinacea Angustifolia, Echinacea Purpurea, Garlic, Goldenseal Root, Goose Grass, Green Tea, Honeysuckle, Hyssop, Kelp, Konjac Root Glucomannan, Korean Ginseng, Licorice Root, Milk Thistle, Pau Darco, Red Clover, Sarsaparilla, Sheep Sorrel, Watercress, Yellow Dock Root, Yucca

KEB); Antibacterial (1; DAA); Anticancer (1; CRC); Anticomplement (f; SHB); Antiedemic (1; APA; KEB); Antihepatosis (1; SHB); Antiinflammatory (1; APA; CRC; KEB); Antiischemic (1; KEB); Antiitch (1; SHB); Antioxidant (1; SHB); Antitumor (1; DAA); Antiulcer (1; SHB); Antiviral (1; SHB); Astringent (1; CRC; DAA); Bitter (1; AKT; KEB); Calcium Antagonist (1; AKT; KEB); Cardioprotective (1; APA; KEB); Cardiotonic (1; APA; KEB); Circulostimulant (f; APA; SHB); Cytotoxic (1; SHB); Detoxicant (f; AKT); Discutient (f; CRC); Hemostat (1; APA; CRC; KEB); Hepatoprotective (f; SHB); Hyperglycemic (1; KEB); Hypocholesterolemic (1; KEB); Hypoglycemic (1; AKT; SHB); Hypotensive (1; APA; KEB); Hypotriglyceridemic (1; SHB); Immunomodulator (1; APA; KEB); Immunotonic (f; SHB); Interferonigenic (1; SHB); Lipolytic (f; AKT); Myocardiorelaxant (1; AKT); Myorelaxant (1; AKT); Propecic (1; SHB); Sedative (1; CRC; DAA); Tonic (f; AKT; DAA); Vasodilator (1; APA; KEB); Vulnerary (f; AKT; CRC; DAA).

Activities (Air Potato) — Alexeteric (f; DAV); Alterative (f; KAB; KAP); Analgesic (1; TRA); Anorectic (1; KAP); Antidote (f; DAV); Antiinflammatory (f; DAV); Antipyretic (1; DAA; DEP; TRA); Antiseptic (f; WBB); Aphrodisiac (f; KAB); Astringent (f; KAB); Bitter (1; KAB); Candidicide (f; WBB); Detoxicant (f; DAA); Diuretic (f; DAV; WBB); Expectorant (f; DAA; KAB); Hemolytic (1; WBB); Hemostat (f; DAV); Hypoglycemic (1; TRA); Lipogenic (f; KAB); Molluscicide (1; TRA); Piscicide (1; WBB); Stomachic (f; KAB); Tonic (f; KAB); Vermifuge (f; KAB).

Activities (Asparagus) — Antiaging (1; JNU); Antibacterial (1; APA; WO2); Anticancer (1; APA); Antiinflammatory (1; APA; JNU); Antileukemic (1; APA; BGB); Antioxidant (1; JNU); Antirheumatic (1; APA; PED; PNC); Antiviral (f; APA); Bitter (f; PED); Cardiosedative (1; WO2); Cardiotonic (1; PNC); Contraceptive (1; WO2; WO3); Demulcent (1; WO2); Depurative (f; PED); Detoxicant (1; JNU); Diuretic (1; APA; KOM; PH2); DNA-Sparing (1; JNU); Hepatoprotective (1; JNU); Hypotensive (f; APA; BGB); Immunostimulant (1; BGB; JNU); Laxative (1; BGB; PED; PNC); Litholytic (2; KOM); Nematicide (1; PNC); Sedative (1; PNC); Spermicide (1; PH2).

Decongestant (f; RIN); Detoxicant (f; FAY); Digestive (1; AKT; APA; DAA; KAP; MAB; WAM); Emmenagogue (f; AAB; MAD); Expectorant (f; FAY; JFM; MAD; PH2); Fungicide (1; DAD;