Diabetes Type 2

From our list of herbs and spices, the following are recommended for Diabetes Type 2:

  • Beans Navy
  • Cinnamon
  • Eleutherococcus
  • Flaxseed
  • Garlic
  • Pinto

Natural Cures and Remedies for Diabetes Type 2

Physicians and biomedical researchers are starting to appreciate the significance of the Inflammation Syndrome—how many different inflammatory diseases are interrelated. As one example, being overweight significantly increases the risk of developing diabetes, a disease with a strong undercurrent of inflammation. Both overweight and diabetes increase the risk of coronary artery disease, now recognized as being inflammatory in origin.

Indications (Bael) — Allergy (1; WO3); Ameba (1; WO2); Ankylostomiasis (1; MPI); Aphtha (f; LMP); Asthma (1; WO2); Bacteria (1; WO2); Beriberi (f; WO2); Bronchosis (f; MPI); Cancer, abdomen (f; JLH); Cancer, colon (f; JLH); Cancer, nose (f; JLH); Cardiopathy (f; SKJ); Catarrh (f; DEP); Colitis (1; WO3); Conjunctivosis (f; LMP; WO2); Constipation (1; DEP; LMP; PH2; SKJ); Convulsion (f; SKJ); Cramp (f; MPI); Dermatosis (f; LMP); Diabetes (1; LMP; SKJ; WO2); Diarrhea (f; DEP; PH2; WO2); Dropsy (f; WO2); Dysentery (f; DEP; SKJ); Dyspepsia (f; DEP); Edema (1; WO2); Enterosis (f; DEP; JLH); Escherichia (1; WO2); Fever (f; DEP; MPI; SKJ; SUW); Fungus (1; WO2); Gastrosis (f; SKJ); Giardia (1; WO2); Gonorrhea (f; DEP; SKJ); Hyperglycemia (1; WO2); IBS (f; WO3); Induration (f; JLH); Infection (1; SKJ; WO2); Inflammation (1; LMP; WO3); Jaundice (f; WO3); Malaria (f; DEP; SUW; WO2); Mucososis (f; DEP); Mycosis (1; WO2); 49

Beans Navy, Cinnamon, Eleutherococcus, Flaxseed, Garlic, Pinto

Diabetes (1; WO2); Diarrhea (f; DEP; KAB; SKJ); Diphtheria (f; KAB); Dropsy (f; DEP); Dysentery (f; DEP; KAB; SKJ); Dysuria (f; CRC); Enterosis (f; MBB); Epistaxis (f; MAD); Escherichia (1; WO2); Ethmoidosis (f; MAD); Fever (f; CRC; MAD; PNC; SKJ); Flu (f;

Silymarin can have significant glucose-lowering effects in people with diabetes. An Italian study found major improvements in blood sugar levels and many other symptoms of diabetes after patients took silymarin supplements for one year.

Indications (Boswellia) — Allergy (1; SAB); Alzheimer’s (1; COX; FNF); Arthrosis (1; APA; COX; FNF; SKY); Asthma (1; KAB; SAB); Biliousness (f; KAB); Boil (f; APA; KAP); Bronchosis (f; KAB); Bursitis (1; SKY); Cancer (1; COX; FNF; MPI); Cancer, skin (1; MPI); Carbuncle (f; KAP); Colitis (1; APA); Convulsion (f; KAB); Cough (f; KAB); Crohns Disease (1; APA); Dermatosis (1; KAB; MPI); Diabetes (1; KAB; MPI); Diarrhea (f; APA); Dysentery (f; KAB); Dysmenorrhea (f; KAP); Dyspepsia (f; KAB); Edema (1; APA); Fever (f; KAB; KAP;

Dr. William Davis, who became quite popular through his book ‘Wheat Belly” used this fact about wheat to help him cure his diabetic patients.  Yes, his patients were cured of diabetes which many doctors believed can only be managed but not cured.  After only three months of wheat free diet, his diabetic patients became non-diabetics.  Most of his patients lost a minimum of 20 pounds.  Others were reported to have lost as much as 40 pounds in three months.