Do I have Chronic Fatigue Syndrome?

You probably reached this page in an attempt to find out if you have Chronic Fatigue Syndrome or ME as it is more commonly known in the UK.  All I can say is that you won’t get an instant answer on the net but what is absolutely crucial is that you get help at once before you run the risk of what may be reversible at this stage becoming a lifelong problem.

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

Chronic Fatigue

Patients attending an ME Centre, mostly women  can take, in many cases, more than a year trying to find out what is happening. Many have been branded and even treated as having a psychiatric illness. The misunderstanding of their symptoms, the lack of a diagnosis, multiple medical consultations and examinations performed, impaired social relationships, make this a health problem of great magnitude.

The main symptoms presented by these patients , when referred to the clinic for study, is fatigue. A great degree of physical fatigue but also mental, which requires a reduction in their daily activity by more than 50%. Everyone remembers a day of extreme fatigue after exercise, playing sports, a trip … CFS patients live with all day, every day, for many years, with this feeling of fatigue that is not improved by rest.

Obviously this is not the only symptom . Chronic fatigue syndrome, also known as myalgic encephalomyelitis, is an organic disease (not psychiatric), chronic and persistent, it can affect almost every organ in the body. While fatigue is common to all patients, although the degree of fatigue may vary, other symptoms as well as their impact on the disease varies from patient to patient. Common are sleep disorder, headache and muscle and joint pain, difficulty concentrating and memory loss, sore throat, feeling of fever, swollen glands in the neck. It is very evident in all that poor exercise tolerance that maximizes all the symptoms and time to recover sometimes takes two or three days.

All patients will undergo a clinical assessment based on a medical interview and physical examination. Any and all additional examinations or evaluations by specialists will be assessed, essential to rule out other causes of fatigue. All tests are intended to confirm the diagnosis of chronic fatigue syndrome, but also to rule out other diseases, some of them very serious, with similar symptoms.