Ear Ache

From our list of herbs and spices, the following are recommended for Earache:

  • Echinacea

Natural Cures and Remedies for Earache

St John’s wort has antiviral and anti-inflammatory properties that come in useful for an external treatment for earache caused by an infection.

Debility (f; SKJ); Dentition (f; DEM); Dermatosis (1; DAA; WHO); Diabetes (1; DAA; WHO); Diarrhea (1; DEM; MIC; WHO); Diphtheria (1; DAA); Dysentery (1; DAA; WHO); Dysmenorrhea (1; WHO); Dyspepsia (f; DEM; FAD; FEL); Earache (f; DEM); Eczema (1; DAA); Edema (1; DAA); Enterosis (1; DAA; WHO); Epistaxis (f; DAA); Escherichia (f; HHB); Fever (f; DAA); Gastrosis (1; DEM; FAD; FEL; WHO); Gingivosis (f; DEM); Gout (1; WHO); Helicobacter (1; X9781854); Hematemesis (f; DAA); Hemoptysis (f; DAA); Hemorrhoid (f; DAA); Hepatosis (f; DAA); Infection (1; DAA; DEM); Inflammation (1; COX; DAA; FAD; FEL; FNF); Insomnia


BGB; PH2); Earache (f; APA); Edema (1; MAB); Elephantiasis (f; KAB); Enterosis (1; APA; FAY; MAD; PNC); Epigastrosis (f; BGB; MAD); Epistaxis (f; FAY); Escherichia (1; HH3); Fever (2; APA; CAN; FAY; MAB; MAD; TRA); Flu (2; APA; BGB; TRA; VVG; WHO); Fungus (1; DAD; MAB;

Dysentery (f; FAD); Dysmenorrhea (f; FEL; MAD); Dyspepsia (f; FAD; FEL; PH2); Earache (F; HH3); Enterosis (f; FEL); Fever (f; CAN; DEM; FEL; MAD; PHR; PH2); Gas (f; FEL; PH2); Gastrosis (f; FEL); Gonorrhea (f; DEM; HH3); Headache (f; PH2); Helicobacter (1; X9781854); Hemiplegia (f; FEL; MAD); High Blood Pressure (1; APA); Hip Ache (f; MAD); Hypotension (f; PHR; PH2); Hysteria (f; HH3; MAD); Impaired Peripheral Circulation (f; CAN); Inflammation (1; APA; PHR; PH2); Intermittent Claudication (f; CAN); Ischiosis (f; HH3; MAD); Itch (f; DEM); Leprosy (f; PH2); Leukorrhea (f; MAD); Lumbago (f; FEL; MAD); Malaria (f; FEL); Mucososis (f; FEL); Myalgia (f; FEL); Nephrosis (f; DEM; FAD); Neuralgia (f; FEL; MAD); Neurosis (f; FAD; HH3; MAD); Ophthalmia (f; PH2); Otosis (f; HH3; PH2); Ovariosis (f; MAD); Pain (1; APA; DEM); Pancreatosis (f; FAD); Paralysis (f; FEL; PH2); Pharyngosis (f; FEL); Pulmonosis (f; DEM; FAD); Raynaud’s Syndrome (f; CAN); Rheumatism (f; APA; CAN; DEM; FAD; FEL; MAD; PHR; PH2); Scrofula (f; FEL); Sickle Cell (1; JAD; FNF); Sore (f; FEL); Sore Throat (f; DEM; FAD; FEL; HH3); Stomatosis (f; FEL); Syphilis (f; FEL; HH3; MAD); Tonsilosis (f; DEM; FAD); Toothache (1; DEM; FAD; FEL; FNF; JAD; MAD; PH2); Torticollis (f; FEL); Tuberculosis (f; DEM); Typhoid (f; FEL); Ulcer (1; X9781854); VD (f; DEM; FEL); Vomiting (f; DEM); Worm (f; DEM; PH2); Yeast (1; FNF).

Catarrh (1; FEL); Condyloma (f; JLH); Coryza (1; FEL); Cough (1; FEL); Diarrhea (f; PH2); Dysmenorrhea (f; PH2); Earache (1; FEL); Eczema (1; FEL); Gall (f; WOI); Gas (f; EFS); Gastrosis (f; WOI); Gingivosis (f; JLH); Hay Fever (1; FEL); Hepatosis (f; JLH); Inflammation (1; FEL); Itch (1; FEL); Laryngosis (1; FEL); Mastosis (f; JLH); Mycosis (1; FEL); Neuralgia (1; FEL); Ozena (1; FEL); Pain (1; FEL); Parotosis (f; JLH); Pharyngosis (1; FEL); Phthisis (1; FEL); Pulmonosis (1; FEL); Ringworm (f; FEL); Sciatica (1; FEL); Sore Throat (1; FEL); Splenosis (f; JLH); Sting (1; FEL); Toothache (1; FEL); VD (f; JLH); Vaginosis (1; FEL); Wart (f; JLH).

You will need a specific preparation of St John’s wort that is called St John’s wort infused oil. You can buy it ready-made from specialist retailers or make your own (see Chapter 26). For directions of usage see the earache entry in the next section of this chapter. Precautions for the internal use of St John’s wort do not apply to the St John’s wort infused oil.