Ellipse Klinikken Ultrashape

Do you want to lose inches of fat permanently and painlessly from your waist or thighs with resorting to surgery like liposuction?  Me too.  This is my experience of  Ultrashape ultrasound fat loss treatment from

Ellipse Klinikken.

Is it worth it?  My opinion?  Don’t waste your money!

After spending £1214 I can’t see any difference.

For detailed information on this new ultrasound permanent fat loss treatment go below to Ultrashape Permanent Fat Loss

UltraShape – My Experience

 May 10th 2007

 I shopped around all of the UK clinics offering Ultrashape and was appalled at the lack of knowledge and information until I found Ellipse Klinikken.  One of the questions I wanted answering was why some clinics recommend staying low-carb after the treatment and others (most of them) insist you stay low fat.  Most couldn’t answer this very simple question and those that could demonstrated that they knew very little scientifically about how the body works.

Once I’d decided Ellipse Kilinikken were the best for me I was very pleased to find that they were also the cheapest!  Of course I was already very pro any sort of laser treatment.  I had laser treatment on my eyes some 15 years ago and one eye laser treated again earlier this year.  I also had laser treatment for cervical smear issues some years ago and found it impressive.


May 15th 2007

Today I caught the train from Derby to St Pancras.  The journey was £47 return and takes 1 hour 45 minutes and I guess I spent most of that time thinking about the Ultrashape technology wondering if it could really work.  I’d already lost 3 stone and the fat round my tummy was proving really hard to shift.  I am a size 10 (US size 6) with a waist of 31 inches and a bulging abdomen.

Ellipse Klinikken is less than 2 miles from the station and I easily got taxis to and from the clinic.  They cost me about £8 each way – London traffic is very slow.

My train was delayed 30 minutes so I was late but they saw me straight away for my consultation and then straight on with the treatment.

I had 800 Ultrashape pulses all painless although I could feel heat when it got close to areas where I had less fat.

The staff were lovely very professional the time flew by and I was soon on the train home again.  How easy could that be!

So now we wait to see the results.


June 21st 2007

Back again today for more Ultrashape to have my sides done.  Very disappointed not to be able to be able to have my tummy done too.  With the first 100 pulses at £1 at the rest at 50p along with travel costs it would have made more economic sense to do them together but they didn’t have time to reset the machine for another area.

A little disappointed not to see much difference in my waist measurement.

July 4th 2007

Time for my 3rd Ultrashape session.

This time I am very disappointed to see hardly any change in measurements but still early days and I have my 3rd treatment.

August 15th 2007

3 months since my first treatment and I’m due to go back for my fourth and final Ultrashape treatment.

Although my weight is down a little my waist is not and sadly having spent £1214 I have decided it’s throwing good money after bad.

I feel that the advice to low-carb or follow a low fat diet whilst the fat cells that have been killed off leave the body probably explains why people experience what appears to be a reasonable reduction in their waist.  But with low carbing in particular this change will be minimised when the glycogen and water stores replenish when the diet returns to normal.

My conclusion

The theory is sound but the fat cells it kills are not a large enough proportion to make any appreciable difference.  I wish I’d saved my money and had liposuction!  If I notice any change over the next few weeks I will amend this review.

I would be happy to post any reply from Ellipse-Klinnniken or Ultrashape should they wish to comment.



Ultrashape Permanent Fat Loss


As opposed to liposuction UltraShape only destroys the fat cells in the treatment area. Nerves and connective tissue are not affected at all. This is one of the reasons that the treatment does not cause any pain. One treatment lasts between 1 and 2 hours depending on the size of the area and where it is situated on the body.

It often takes more than a healthy lifestyle to give your body the shape you want.

 UltraShape has developed a surgery-free body contouring treatment that effectively and safely reduces unsightly fat deposits in men and women. What s more UltraShape delivers results that can actually be measured!


  • The first clinically proven body contouring solution to combine totally non-invasive treatment with durable measurable results
  • Clinically demonstrated fat thickness and circumference reduction
  • Safe clearance of lysed fat cells (adipocytes) via the body’s natural physiological and metabolic pathways
  • An average reduction of two centimeters in body circumference after a single treatment
  • Multiple treatments deliver incremental circumference reduction

A new body contour in only 28 days!

Designed as a walk-in walk out solution dispensed in a physician s office UltraShape requires no downtime no follow up maintenance and no recuperation period. The safe and effective procedure – ranging between 60 to 90 minutes depending on the size and number of target treatment areas can treat multiple areas like the abdomen flanks and thighs. Following treatment patients can immediately resume their daily routines. Clinical results show that after just one treatment there is an average reduction of two centimeters in body circumference while multiple treatments have achieved enhanced circumference reduction.

The UltraShape solution developed by plastic surgeons and scientists for the medical community is based on a technological breakthrough that uses ultrasound waves to selectively break down fat cells without affecting neighbouring structures. Immediately after treatment the body s natural pathways  clear away the disrupted fat cells .
The procedure requires no anaesthesia or sedation; insignificant numbers of instances of patient discomfort were reported and side effects are extremely rare.

Equally important the safety and effectiveness of the UltraShape solution are endorsed by extensive clinical trials.