Fever Few

From our list of ailments, see what Fever Few can be used for:

  • Cirrhosis of the Liver
  • Gas
  • Liver

Natural Remedies using Fever Few

JLH); Cancer, colon (f; GMH; JLH); Cancer, intestine (f; JLH); Cancer, joint (f; JLH); Cancer, mouth (f; WOI); Cancer, sinew (f; JLH); Cancer, stomach (f; JLH); Cancer, throat (f; GMH; JLH; WOI); Cancer, tongue (f; GMH; JLH); Cancer, uterus (f; JLH); Cardiopathy (f; GMH); Catarrh (f; HH2; MAD; PH2; WOI); Chlorosis (f; MAD); Cholecystosis (f; MAD); Conjunctivosis (f; GMH); Constipation (1; FEL; GMH; WOI); Cough (f; HH2; KAB; MAD; PH2; WOI); Cramp (f; HH2; MAD); Dermatosis (f; FEL; HH2; PH2; WOI); Dyspnea (f; MAD); Dysuria (f; GMH; MAD); Eczema (1; MAD; WOI); Enterosis (f; KAB); Epilepsy (f; GMH; MAD); Exanthema (f; MAD); Fever (1; EFS; HH2; KAB; PH2; WOI); Fungus (1; CEB; WOI); Glossosis (f; JLH); Gout (f; FEL); Gravel (f; FEL; GMH); Headache (f; HH2; MAD; PH2); Hemorrhoid (f; GMH); High Blood Pressure (1; WOI); Hoarseness (f; KAB; WOI); Hypochondria (f; MAD); Hysteria (f; PH2); Induration (f; JLH); Infection (1; CEB; PH2; WOI); Inflammation (1; JLH; KAB; PH2; WOI); Insomnia (f; EFS; HH2; GMH; PH2); Jaundice (f; GMH); Leukemia (1;

Feverfew is a flower herb in the daisy family and it is often grown for ornamental use.  It has a yellow and white bloom.  Feverfew has medicinal uses as well; it is commonly used for migraines.  Learn more about Feverfew.

Cirrhosis of the Liver, Gas, Liver

The Benefit of using Fever Few as a natural cure

Indications (Marsh-Marigold) — Biliousness (f; PH2); Bite (f; FAD); Bronchosis (f; HHB); Cancer (1; DAA; FAD; HHB; JLH); Cold (f; DEM); Constipation (f; DEM; FAD; PH2); Cough (f; WO2); Cramp (f; EFS); Dermatosis (f; HHB; PH2); Dysmenorrhea (f; HHB); Dysuria (f; WO2); Fever (1; DEM; FAD; HH2); Hepatosis (f; HH2); Herpes (f; HHB); High Blood Pressure (1; HH2);

lead to pain with menstruation and drastic uterine spasms, lower pelvic and back pain, and clotting. Pennyroyal helps to assist the uterus by creating a smooth flow and thinning the uterine lining. Soothes stomach Native Americans used penny-royal to soothe an upset stomach and aid digestion. Reduces fevers For people with sudden and extreme feverish conditions, pennyroyal can help bring on perspiration to reduce fever. Contraindications Should not be taken during pregnancy. Many mistakenly believe that penny-royal can induce abortion, but this is not the function of pennyroyal. Never ingest pennyroyal essential oil or use it topically, because it is toxic and can be lethal.

Contraindications, Interactions, and Side Effects (Huang Qi) — Class 1 (AHP). No side effects reported but ‘pregnant women should check with their practitioners before using.” Do not use with fever or during pregnancy (WAM). High (more than 30 g day) doses may induce high blood pressure, increased heart rate, insomnia, overstimulation, and/or palpitations (BO2).


Indications (Horsemint) — Alzheimers (1; FNF); Backache (1; FNF; PH2); Bronchosis (1; FNF); Catarrh (f; DEM); Cholecystosis (f; HHB); Cholera (f; CEB); Cold (1; DEM; FNF); Colic (f; CEB); Constipation (f; DEM); Cough (f; DEM); Cramp (f; DEM; HHB); Deafness (f; CEB); Dermatosis (f; DEM); Dropsy (f; CEB); Dysmenorrhea (f; CEB; PH2); Dyspepsia (f; PH2); Dysuria (f; FEL); Enterosis (f; DEM); Fever (1; CEB; FEL); Gas (f; PH2; PNC); Gastrosis (f; CEB; DEM); Gravel (f; CEB); Halitosis (1; CEB); Headache (f; CEB; DEM); Head Cold (f; DEM); Infection (1; CEB); Inflammation (f; PH2); Malaria (f; CEB); Nephrosis (f; CEB); Pain (1; CEB; DEM; FEL; FNF); Paralysis (f; CEB); Parasite (1; CEB); Rheumatism (f; CEB; PH2); Rhinosis (1; FNF); Sinusosis (1; FNF); Typhus (f; CEB); Vomiting (f; CEB; FEL); Water Retention (f; FEL); Worm (1; CEB); Wound (1; CEB).