From our list of ailments, see what Glucomannan can be used for:

  • Obesity

Natural Remedies using Glucomannan

Contraindications, Interactions, and Side Effects (Konjac) — Not covered (AHP; KOM; PHR). May cause diarrhea. Severe esophageal obstructions reported for glucomannan tablets K

In addition, the glucomannan swells in the gut, or wherever it contacts water, sometimes absorbing 60 times its weight in water. Hence, it is often recommended, perhaps too enthusiastically, for constipation, high cholesterol, and obesity. According to APA, in one study of 20 obese patients, those who took 2 capsules of 500 mg of purified glucomannan, 60 minutes before meals, lost an average 5.5 pounds after 8 weeks, cf. 1.5 pounds for placebo patients. In another study, total cholesterol fell some 10% in 63 men taking 3900 mg glucomannan for 4 weeks, in a double-blind crossover trial.


The Benefit of using Glucomannan as a natural cure