From our list of ailments, see what Gymnema can be used for:

  • Diabetes

Natural Remedies using Gymnema

Dosages (Gymnema) — 1–2 tbsp fresh leaf (PED); 2–3 g dry leaf (PED); 2 g dry leaf:10 ml alcohol/10 ml water (PED); 2–4 g powdered leaf (KAP); 2–4 g powdered leaf/day (SKY); 14–28

Generally safe and devoid of side effects at indicated levels; safety in lactation and pregnancy undetermined; should be used for diabetes under the purview of a practitioner; not to be used in place of insulin (SKY). Gymnema leaves raise insulin levels in healthy volunteers; leaves also lower serum cholesterol and triglycerides (SKY); water soluble acidic fractions are hypoglycemic (SKY). Gymnema given orally proved as potent as tolbutamide in lowering blood sugar, and keeping it low, in a 1-month study (APA).


The Benefit of using Gymnema as a natural cure

Activities (Gymnema) — Alexeteric (f; KAB); Alterative (f; KAB); Anorectic (2; APA; KEB; PED); Antiaging (1; KEB); Antidiabetic (2; KEB); Antiobesity (1; KEB); Antipyretic (f; KAB; MPI); Astringent (f; MPI); Bitter (1; KAB; PED); Cardiotonic (f; MPI; UPW; WBB; WOI); Diuretic (1; KAP; MPI; WBB; WOI); Emetic (F; HHB); Errhine (f; WOI); Hypocholesterolemic (1; KEB; SKY); Hypoglycemic (1; APA; KAB; KEB; MPI; SKY); Hypotriglyceridemic (SKY); InsulinoG