Health Benefits of Ginger

Chinese medicine states that ginger treat diseases involving excessive yin, especially when caused or exacerbated by the cold diseases. This is true, although it has more health benefits.

For its natural anti-inflammatory power and its ability to slightly thin the blood, Ginger is an effective remedy for arthritis, rheumatism and colds, also improving blood flow  and a great an ally in the fight against dizziness including dizziness associated with cervical osteoarthritis.


Ginger Root Health Benefits

It also has anti-mucosal properties, which promotes expectoration, and can increase body temperature a little. For this reason its use in case of high fever is discouraged.

Ginger has shown properties efficient in treating digestive disorders. Its effectiveness in mitigating many types of  nausea eg travel, pregnancy, indigestion, etc. is well documented.

Ginger is contraindicated in pregnancy and prolonged treatment and care should be taken with chronic treatments in patients taking anticoagulants.

Use of Ginger is in many forms depending on the condition of the tuber – infusions both fresh and dried. liquid fresh ginger or poultices for topical use, also for external use , rubs & oil blends that include the essential oil of ginger. Ginger usually used in combination with other herbs for a synergistic effect of their properties, that is, an enhancement of their powers.