From our list of herbs and spices, the following are recommended for Herpes:

  • Bupleurum Root
  • Cloves
  • Echinacea
  • Echinacea Angustifolia
  • Echinacea Purpurea
  • Garlic
  • Ginseng
  • Grapefruit Seed
  • Lemon Balm
  • Lysine
  • Marigold
  • Myrrh
  • Quercetin
  • Sage
  • Topical Comfrey
  • Topical lemon balm

Natural Cures and Remedies for Herpes

DAA); Hemorrhoid (f; LMP); Hepatosis (2; FAY; LAF); Herpes (1; APA); High Cholesterol (1; APA; DAA; FAD; FAY); HIV (1; APA); Hyperglycemia (1; DAA); Hyperlipidemia (1; FAY);

Indications (Bastard Cedar) — Alopecia (f; JFM); Anorexia (f; JFM); Asthma (f; JFM); Bacteria (1; AAB; TRA); Bleeding (f; DAV); Bronchosis (f; JFM); Cancer (1; AAB); Childbirth (f; AAB); Cold (f; JFM); Cough (f; JFM); Dermatosis (f; AAB; JFM); Diarrhea (f; AAB); Dislocation (f; JFM); Dysentery (f; AAB; JFM); Elephantiasis (f; JFM); Fever (f; DAV; JFM); Flu (f; TRA); Gonorrhea (f; JFM); Heatstroke (f; JFM); Hemorrhoid (f; JFM); Hepatosis (f; JFM); Herpes (1; TRA); Infection (1; AAB); Leprosy (f; DAV); Malaria (f; JFM); Nephrosis (f; JFM); Parasite (f; JFM); Pneumonia (f; JFM); Proctosis (f; JFM); Prostatosis (f; AAB); Pulmonosis (f; DAV); Rash (f; AAB); Shigella (1; TRA); Sore (f; AAB; JFM); Sore Throat (f; JFM); Staphylococcus (1; TRA); Syphilis (f; JFM); VD (f; JFM); Virus (1; TRA); Water Retention (1; LFM; TRA).

Bupleurum Root, Cloves, Echinacea, Echinacea Angustifolia, Echinacea Purpurea, Garlic, Ginseng, Grapefruit Seed, Lemon Balm, Lysine, Marigold, Myrrh, Quercetin, Sage, Topical Comfrey, Topical lemon balm

Heatstroke (f; PHR; PH2); Hematuria (f; MAD); Hemoptysis (f; DEP; KAB); Hepatosis (2; MAD; PHR); Herpes (1; JBU); Hiccup (f; CRC; DAA); Infection (1; CRC; PNC); Inflammation (f; JLH; MAD; PHR; PH2; SKJ; SUW); Insomnia (f; SKY); Itch (f; DEP; KAB; KAP; SUW);

Fibrosis (f; PH2); Flu (1; FAY; KEB; WAM); Fungus (1; LAF); Gas (f; PED); Hepatosis (1; AKT); Herpes (1; MAB; SHB); High Blood Pressure (1; DAA; KEB; FAY; MAB); HIV (1;

Garlic (or allicin) antiseptic to Aeromonas, Aspergillus, Bacillus, Candida albicans, Citrobacter, Cryptococcus, Epidermophyton, Escherichia coli, Herpes, Influenza, Klebsiela, Microsporum, Proteus, Providencia, Rhodotorula, Salmonella paratyphi, Salmonella typhi, Shigella dysenterica, Staphylococcus aureus, Torulopsis, Trichomonas spp, Trichophyton, Trichosporum, and Vibrio cholerae (CAN; PNC). LD50 = 60 mg/kg ivn mouse (SHT), 120 mg/kg scu mouse (M11; SHT). Might be a good way to cut back on your grocery bill (except for garlic), if you believe this quote ‘Rats fed up to 2000 mg/kg garlic extract for 6 months showed no weight loss but did show a slightly reduced food intake relative to controls.” There were no changes in renal function, hematologic parameters, or selected serologic parameters, and there was no evidence

CRC); Enterosis (f; CRC; DEM; PH2); Epistaxis (f; PH2); Exanthema (f; MAD); Felon (f; CRC; JLH); Fever (f; CRC; DEM; FAD; KAB); Flu (f; MAD); Furuncle (2; PHR; PH2); Gastrosis (f; CRC; DEM; PH2); Glossosis (f; CRC); Gout (f; FAD; MAD); Hemorrhoid (f; CRC); Hepatosis (f; CRC); Herpes (1; HH2; PH2); Immunodepression (f; PH2); Impetigo (f; MAD); Incontinence (f; CRC); Infection (2; KOM); Inflammation (1; KOM; PH2); Insomnia (f; CRC); Itch (f; CRC; MAD); Jaundice (f; CRC; MAD); Leprosy (f; CRC; DEP; KAB); Malaria (f; CRC); Meningosis (f; CRC); Myalgia (f; CRC); Myelosis (f; CRC; MAD); Nausea (f; DEM; HH2); Nervousness (f; CRC); Neuralgia (f; CRC; MAD); Ophthalmia (f; CRC); Otosis (f; MAD); Pain (1; CRC; PH2); Paralysis (f; CRC); Pemphigus (f; CRC); Pertussis (f; CRC; FAD); Pityriasis (f; MAD); Psoriasis (f; CRC); Respirosis (f; PH2); Rheumatism (f; CRC; FAD; PH2); Scabies (f; MAD); Scarlatina (f; CRC); Scrofula (f; CRC; MAD); Sore (f; JLH); Splenosis (f; CRC); Stammering (f; CRC); Stone (f; MAD); Swelling (f; CRC); Syphilis (f; KAB); Tenesmus (f; CRC); Tonsilosis (f; CRC); Tumor (1; CRC; FAD); Typhoid (f; CRC); Ulcer (f; CRC); Urticaria (f; CRC); Uterosis (f; MAD); VD (f; KAB); Virus (1; HH2; PH2); Wart (1; CRC; PHR; PH2); Water Retention (f; CRC; DEP; FAD; MAD).