High cholesterol

From our list of herbs and spices, the following are recommended for High cholesterol:

  • Apple
  • Cinnamon
  • Cocoa (Dark Chocolate)
  • Evening Primrose Oil
  • Flaxseed
  • Green Tea
  • Soy Foods

Natural Cures and Remedies for High cholesterol

Escherichia (1; DAA); Fever (f; DAA; PED; PNC); Fungus (1; DAA); Hepatosis (f; JLH; PED); High Cholesterol (1; HHB); Induration (f; JLH); Infection (1; DAA); Inflammation (1; JLH; PNC; WO3; X8987908); Insomnia (1; WO2; WO3); Ischemia (1; X8425843); Measles (f; PNC); Metrorrhagia (f; HHB); Mycosis (1; DAA); Nervousness (1; WO2); Neurosis (1; X8425843); Pain (1; PH2; WO3); Paralysis (f; HHB); Pemphigus (f; DAA); Pneumonia (f; DAA; HHB; PH2); Rheumatism (f; HHB); Scabies (f; PH2); Swelling (1; WO3); Thrombosis (1; X11243195); Tumor (1; PH2; X8604239); Uterosis (f; DAA); Water Retention (f; PNC); Worm (f; DAA); Wound (f; DAA; PH2; PNC); Yeast (1; DAA).

Indications (Balloon Flower) — Abscess (1; DAA; FAY; WHO); Appendicitis (f; WOI); Arthrosis (1; WHO); Asthma (1; DAA; FAY; WHO); Bacteria (1; FAY; PH2); Bleeding (f; FAY); Blood Clot (1; WHO); Bronchosis (1; DAA; FAY; PH2; WOI); Cancer (1; DAA; FAY); Carbuncle (1; FAY); Cardiopathy (1; FAY; X11091095); Cholera (f; DAA); Cold (1; DAA; WHO); Cough (1; DAA; FAY; WHO); Dermatosis (f; FAY); Diabetes (1; FAY; X11091095); Diarrhea (1; DAA; FAY); Dry Mouth (1; WHO); Dysentery (f; DAA; FAY); Dyspepsia (f; DAA); Enterosis (f; FAY); Escherichia (1; HH2); Fever (1; DAA; FAY); Flu (f; DAA); Furuncle (1; FAY); Gas (1; DAA; FAY; WOI); Gastrosis (f; FAY); Gingivosis (f; FAY); High Blood Pressure (1; DAA; FAY; WHO); High Cholesterol (1; FAY; WHO; X11091095); High Triglycerides (1; WHO; X11091095); Hoarseness (f; FAY); Hyperglycemia (1; DAA; FAY; X11091095); Immunodepression (1; ABS; X11407308);

Apple, Cinnamon, Cocoa (Dark Chocolate), Evening Primrose Oil, Flaxseed, Green Tea, Soy Foods

Indications (Arrowroot) — Asthenia (f; DAV); Bronchosis (f; PH2); Cholecystosis (f; DAV); Colitis (f; CRC); Convalescence (f; CRC); Cough (f; PH2); Cystosis (f; CRC); Dermatosis (f; CRC); Diarrhea (f; PHR; PH2); Dysentery (f; CRC; PH2); Dyspepsia (f; DAV; PH2); Dysuria (f; FEL); Enterosis (f; PHR; PH2); Erysipelas (f; CRC); Fever (f; CRC; DAV; FEL); Gangrene (f; CRC); Gastrosis (f; PHR; PH2); High Cholesterol (1; PHR; PH2); Hoarseness (f; CRC); Ophthalmia (f; JFM); Pulmonosis (f; FEL); Sore (f; CRC); Sore Throat (f; CRC); Sprain (f; DAV); Sting (f; CRC); Sunburn (f; CRC); Tumor (f; JLH); Urethrosis (f; CRC; DAV); Wound (f; CRC).

group vitamins, affords relief in case of migraine and high blood pressure caused by nervousness, high cholesterol and arteriosclerosis.

DAA); Hemorrhoid (f; LMP); Hepatosis (2; FAY; LAF); Herpes (1; APA); High Cholesterol (1; APA; DAA; FAD; FAY); HIV (1; APA); Hyperglycemia (1; DAA); Hyperlipidemia (1; FAY);

FAY; MAD; PHR; TRA); Headache (1; APA; FAY; KAP; MAB; WAM); Head Cold (f; JFM; RIN); Hemorrhoid (f; KAB; MAD; WHO); Hepatosis (1; APA; MAD); High Blood Pressure (1; APA; PNC); High Cholesterol (1; MAB; PED; PNC); Hoarseness (f; JFM); Hyperemesis (2; AKT); Immunodepression (1; PH2); Impotence (1; APA; MAB); Infection (1; DAD; MAB; TRA); Infertility (f; MAD); Inflammation (2; FAY; MAB; TRA; SKY; WAM; WHO); Insomnia (f; WHO); Kawasaki Disease (1; MAB); Low Blood Pressure (1; MAB); Lumbago (1; PNC); Malaria (f; JFM; MAD); Marasmus (f; DAA; DAD); Migraine (1; APA; FAY; MAB; PH2; SKY; WHO); Morning Sickness (2; KOM; MAB; PIP; WHO); Motion Sickness (2; KOM; MAB; PIP; WHO); Myalgia (1; AAB; AKT; WAM; WHO); Mycosis (1; DAD; HH3; MAB; TRA); Nausea (2; BGB; DAA; FAY; TRA; WAM; WHO); Nephrosis (f; APA; DAA); Neuralgia (1; COX; FNF); Neurasthenia (f; MAD); Obesity (1; PH2); Opacity (f; JFM); Ophthalmia (f; JFM); Osteoarthrosis (1; AKT; COX); Pain (1; AKT; FAY; JBU; PED; PNC; TRA; WAM; WHO); Palpitation (f; FAY); Parasite (1; MAB; TRA); Pharyngosis (1; JFM; PH2; TRA); Postoperative Nausea (2; WHO); Pyrexia (f; PNC); Raynaud’s Syndrome (f; BGB); Rheumatism (1; FAY; MAB; MAD; PNC; SKY; WHO); Salmonella (1; HH3; TRA); Schistosomiasis (1; DAD; HH3; TRA); Seasickness (2; WHO); Snakebite (f; DAA; DAD); Sore Throat (1; APA); Splenosis (f; FAY); Staphylococcus (1; HH3; TRA); Stomachache (1; AAB; AKT; DAA; DAD); Stomatosis (f; MAD); Streptococcus (1; HH3); Stroke (1; APA); Swelling (1; FAY; HH3; MAB; WHO); Thirst (f; DAD); Thrombocytosis (1; MAB); Toothache (f; DAD; MAD; KAP; WHO);