From our list of ailments, see what Honeysuckle can be used for:

  • Arthritis
  • Detoxification
  • Fever
  • Headache
  • Immunity
  • Joint Pain
  • Migraine Headaches
  • Pain

Natural Remedies using Honeysuckle

Contraindications, Interactions, and Side Effects (Honeysuckle) — Class 1 (AHP). Not covered (KOM).’Hazards and/or side effects not known for proper therapeutic dosages” (PH2) (but PH2

Dosages (Japanese Honeysuckle) — Dosage in China: 9–15 g dried flowers in decoction, pills, powder, or poultice of the powder (Foster and Yue, 1992); 10 g flower/cup water (APA). I use a handful of stripped leaves (even in winter) and stripped winter buds of Forsythia, with some straggling antiviral blackberry and raspberry leaves in winter. When leaves are unavailable, rare in January in Maryland, I just use the twigs, knowing that they too are loaded with antiviral tannin. I boil them for some 5–10 minutes, then strain and add lemon juice or powdered lemonade and sweetener. In summer I dangerously add one cyanidiferous wild cherry leaf, and less dangerously lemonbalm, both also loaded with antiviral phytochemicals.

Arthritis, Detoxification, Fever, Headache, Immunity, Joint Pain, Migraine Headaches, Pain

The Benefit of using Honeysuckle as a natural cure

Activities (Japanese Honeysuckle) — Antibacterial (1; APA; FAD); Antidote (f; DAA); Antiinflammatory (1; APA; FNF); Antimutagenic (1; APA); Antipyretic (f; DAA; HHB); Antiseptic (1; DAA; FNF); Antispasmodic (1; FAY); Antituberculic (1; FAD); Antitumor (1; APA; DAA); Antiulcer (1; APA); Antiviral (1; APA; FNF); Astringent (1; APA); Detoxicant (f; FAY); Diuretic (1; FAY; HHB); Fungicide (1; DAA); Hyperglycemic (1; DAA); Hypocholesterolemic (1; APA; DAA; FAD; FAY); Hypoglycemic (1; DAA); Immunostimulant (1; APA; FAY); Insecticide (f; DAA); Phagocytotic (1; APA; FAY); Stomachic (1; DAA; FAY; HHB).

Activities (Honeysuckle) — Antiinflammatory (1; FNF); Antipyretic (f; EFS); Antiseptic (1; FNF); Antispasmodic (f; EFS); Antiviral (1; FNF); Astringent (f; EFS); CNS-Stimulant (1; FNF); Depurative (f; EFS; HHB); Diaphoretic (f; EFS; HHB; PH2); Diuretic (f; EFS; HHB); Expectorant (f; EFS; PNC); Laxative (f; EFS; PH2; PNC).