Insect Bites Stings

From our list of herbs and spices, the following are recommended for Insect Bites Stings:

  • Curcumin and Turmeric Root
  • Lemon Balm
  • Turmeric Root
  • Witch Hazel

Natural Cures and Remedies for Insect Bites Stings

Activities (Goldenseal) — Alterative (1; CRC; PNC); Amebicide (1; FNF; PH2); Analgesic (f; BRU; CRC); Antiacetylcholinesterase (1; MAB); Antibacterial (1; FAD; MAB); Antialzheimeran (1; COX; FNF); Antiarthritic (1; COX; FNF); Anticancer (1; COX; FNF); Anticariogenic (1; MAB); Anticonvulsant (1; CRC; FAD; FNF); Antihelicobacter (1; X9781854); Antiinflammatory (1; PHR; PNC); Antimitotic (1; MAB); Antiperiodic (f; CRC); Antiperistaltic (1; FNF); Antipyretic (f; MAD); Antisecretory (1; PH2); Antiseptic (1; APA; FNF; PED; PH2; SKY); Antitrypanosomic (1; X9121161); Antitussive (1; X3350041); Antiulcer (1; X9781854); Aperient (f; CRC); Aperitif (1; DEM; FNF; PED); Astringent (1; APA; PED); Bilirubinolytic (1; PH2); Bitter (1; APA; PED); Cardiotonic (1; HHB); Choleretic (1; APA; FAD; PED; PH2); Collyrium (f; CRC); Deliriant (1; PH2); Depurative (f; MAB); Detergent (f; CRC); Digestive (1; APA; FNF); Diuretic (1; CRC; FNF; PED); Emetic (1; FNF); Emmenagogue (1; FNF; PED); Fungicide (1; MAB); Hallucinogen (1; PH2); Hemostat (1; BRU; CRC; FNF; PNC); Hepatotonic (1; FNF; PED); Hypertensive (1; PHR); Hypoglycemic (1; APA; MAB); Hypotensive (f; PNC); Immunostimulant (1; FNF; PH2); Insectifuge (f; CRC); Laxative (1; CAN; MAD; PHR); Leukocytosis (1; PH2); Mycosis (1; MAB); Myostimulant (1; CAN; FNF); Oxytocic (1; CAN; MAB; PHR); Protisticide (1; MAD; PH2); Panacea (f; CRC); Secretagogue (f; FEL); Sedative (1; FNF; PNC); Sialagogue (f; FEL); Stomachic (1; CAN; FNF; MAD); Tonic (1; APA; FNF; PNC); Trophorestorative (1; MAB); Uterotonic (f; APA; HHB); Vasoconstrictor (1; APA; BRU; MAD; PED; PHR); Vibriocide (1; PH2); Vulnerary (1; BRU; MAB).

Activities (Ordeal Bean) — Anticholinesterase (1; HH3); Anticuraroid (1; PH2); Antidote (f; CRC); Antidote, curare (1; PHR); Cardiodepressant (1; PHR; PH2); Insecticide (1; UPW); Mitotic (1; PH2); Myotic (1; CRC; UPW); Negative Chronotropic (1; PH2); Paralytic (1; CRC; UPW); Parasiticide (1; CRC); Parasympathomimetic (1; HH3); Pediculicide (1; CRC); Peristaltic (1; PH2; UPW); Poison (1; CRC); Rodenticide (1; CRC; UPW); Sedative (f; CRC); Spasmogenic (1; PH2).

Curcumin and Turmeric Root, Lemon Balm, Turmeric Root, Witch Hazel

Gastrostimulant (f; SKJ); Hepatoprotective (1; APA; KEB; PH2); Hepatotoxic (1; KEB); Hypocholesterolemic (1; KAP); Immunomodulator (f; PM8:125); Immunostimulant (1; HH3; KEB; PH2); Insecticide (1; PH2); Laxative (f; DEP; KAP; SUW; WOI); Lipolytic (f; APA); Mast Cell Stabilizer (1; KEB); Orexigenic (f; KAB); Pectoral (f; KAB); Phagocytotic (1; KEB); Stomachic (f; DEP; KAB; KAP; SUW; WOI); Tonic (1; DEP; KAB; KAP; KEB); Vermifuge (f; KAB).

Activities (Sodom’s Milkweed) — Abortifacient (1; CRC; WO2); Alterative (f; EFS); Antiaggregant (1; MPI; WO2); Antibacterial (1; WO2); Anticancer (1; MPI); Antifeedant (1; WO2); Antifertility (1; WO2); Antiimplantation (1; WO2); Antiinflammatory (f; EFS; WO2); Antiodontalgic (f; CRC); Antisialagogue (f; KAB); Antispasmodic (f; EFS); Antisyphilitic (f; CRC); Antitumor (1; CRC; PH2); Aperitif (f; KAB); Aphrodisiac (f; CRC); Candidicide (1; WO2); Cardiodepressant (1; MPI); Cardiotonic (1; MPI; WO2); Carminative (f; CRC); Contraceptive (1; WO2); Dentifrice (f; WO2); Depilatory (f; WO2); Dermatitigenic (f; CRC); Diaphoretic (f; CRC; EFS; JFM); Digestive (f; WO2); Diuretic (1; MPI; PHR; PH2); Emetic (f; CRC; HHB; JFM); Expectorant (1; CRC; KAB; PHR; PH2; WO2); Fibrinolytic (1; MPI); Fungicide (1; WO2); Hypertensive (1; MPI; WO2); Inebriant (f; WBB); Infanticide (f; DEP; WO2); Insecticide (1; WO2); Lactagogue (f; CRC); Larvicide (1; WO2); Laxative (f; CRC); Ovicide (1; WO2); Pediculicide (1; WO2); Piscicide (1; WO2); Poison (f; CRC; EFS); Proteolytic (1; KAP; MPI; WO2); Respirastimulant (1; MPI); Rubefacient (f; CRC); Stimulant (1; WO2); Stomachic (f; CRC; KAB); Tonic (f; EFS); Vermifuge (1; CRC; MPI; WO2).

Activities (Sweet Gale) — Antioxidant (1; ABS); Antiviral (1; ABS); Astringent (f; PNC; PH2); Bacteristat (1; FAD; PNC); Diuretic (f; CEB; DEM; FAD); Emetic (f; CEB); Errhine (f; CEB); Expectorant (f; CEB); Fungistat (1; FAD; PNC); Hepatoprotective (f; ABS); Insecticide (f; CEB); Insectifuge (1; ABS; CEB); Narcotic (f; CEB); Sedative (1; ABS); Sialagogue (f; CEB); Stimulant (f; CEB); Stomachic (f; CEB; EFS); Toxic (1; PH2); Vermifuge (f; CEB; PHR; PH2).

Activities (Male Fern) — Abortifacient (f; MPG); Antibacterial (1; MPG); Antiseptic (1; MPG); Antiviral (1; PHR; PH2); Aperient (f; CRC); Astringent (f; CRC); Contraceptive (f; MPG); Cyanogenic (f; CRC); Cytotoxic (1; PHR; PH2); Insecticide (f; CRC); Laxative (f; CRC); Pectoral (f; CRC; EFS); Poison (f; CRC); Taenifuge (f; CRC; PNC); Vermifuge (1; CRC; GMH; PHR; PNC).