Morning sickness

From our list of herbs and spices, the following are recommended for Morning sickness:

  • Ginger

Natural Cures and Remedies for Morning sickness

IDDM (1; WHO); Immune Dysfunction (1; JAD); Immunodepression (1; APA; PED; MAB; PH2; WHO); Impotence (1; BGB; DAA; PH2; SHT; WHO); Infection (f; KEB); Infertility (1; BGB; KEB; MAB; PH2); Inflammation (1; KEB); Insomnia (1; APA; CRC; DAA; PH2); Leukopenia (1; KEB); Longevity (1; KEB); Low Blood Pressure (1; CRC; DAA; PNC); Malaria (f; CRC); Menopause (f; KEB); Menorrhagia (f; CRC); Mental Derangement (f; KEB); Morning Sickness (f; WHO); Nausea (f; CRC); Nephrosis (f; CRC); Nervousness (f; APA; CRC; DAA); Neuralgia (f; MAB); Neurasthenia (f; CRC; DAA); Neurosis (f; KEB; PH2; WHO); NIDDM (1; BGB; MAB;

FAY; MAD; PHR; TRA); Headache (1; APA; FAY; KAP; MAB; WAM); Head Cold (f; JFM; RIN); Hemorrhoid (f; KAB; MAD; WHO); Hepatosis (1; APA; MAD); High Blood Pressure (1; APA; PNC); High Cholesterol (1; MAB; PED; PNC); Hoarseness (f; JFM); Hyperemesis (2; AKT); Immunodepression (1; PH2); Impotence (1; APA; MAB); Infection (1; DAD; MAB; TRA); Infertility (f; MAD); Inflammation (2; FAY; MAB; TRA; SKY; WAM; WHO); Insomnia (f; WHO); Kawasaki Disease (1; MAB); Low Blood Pressure (1; MAB); Lumbago (1; PNC); Malaria (f; JFM; MAD); Marasmus (f; DAA; DAD); Migraine (1; APA; FAY; MAB; PH2; SKY; WHO); Morning Sickness (2; KOM; MAB; PIP; WHO); Motion Sickness (2; KOM; MAB; PIP; WHO); Myalgia (1; AAB; AKT; WAM; WHO); Mycosis (1; DAD; HH3; MAB; TRA); Nausea (2; BGB; DAA; FAY; TRA; WAM; WHO); Nephrosis (f; APA; DAA); Neuralgia (1; COX; FNF); Neurasthenia (f; MAD); Obesity (1; PH2); Opacity (f; JFM); Ophthalmia (f; JFM); Osteoarthrosis (1; AKT; COX); Pain (1; AKT; FAY; JBU; PED; PNC; TRA; WAM; WHO); Palpitation (f; FAY); Parasite (1; MAB; TRA); Pharyngosis (1; JFM; PH2; TRA); Postoperative Nausea (2; WHO); Pyrexia (f; PNC); Raynaud’s Syndrome (f; BGB); Rheumatism (1; FAY; MAB; MAD; PNC; SKY; WHO); Salmonella (1; HH3; TRA); Schistosomiasis (1; DAD; HH3; TRA); Seasickness (2; WHO); Snakebite (f; DAA; DAD); Sore Throat (1; APA); Splenosis (f; FAY); Staphylococcus (1; HH3; TRA); Stomachache (1; AAB; AKT; DAA; DAD); Stomatosis (f; MAD); Streptococcus (1; HH3); Stroke (1; APA); Swelling (1; FAY; HH3; MAB; WHO); Thirst (f; DAD); Thrombocytosis (1; MAB); Toothache (f; DAD; MAD; KAP; WHO);


‘Hazards and/or side effects not known for proper therapeutic dosages when used as an expectorant” (PH2). Allergenic and myopathogenic after prolonged dosing (PHR). Toxic doses may lead to convulsions, corrosion of GI mucous membranes, hypotension, respiratory dysfunction, shock, tachycardia, and maybe even coma (PHR). Cephaeline is more irritant and almost twice as toxic as emetine (WO2). Ironically, while used primarily as a nauseant to induce the vomiting of poisons, in low doses the herb serves as an antinauseant, and folklorically, even in morning sickness (APA).

Gastrosis (1 CRC; DEM; PH2); Gout (f; CRC); Halitosis (f; JFM); Headache (f; CRC; HHB; PHR; PH2); Hysteria (f; CRC; DEM; PH2); Indigestion (f; CRC); Indolent Ulcer (f; CRC); Induration (f; CRC); Infection (1; PED); Inflammation (1; CRC; JBU; PED; PH2); Insomnia (1; CAN; JBU; PH2); Lacrimosis (f; JLH); Lumbago (f; CRC); Morning Sickness (f; CAN); Mycosis (1; PED); Nausea (f; CAN; DEM); Nervousness (1; CAN; CRC; JBU; PHR; PH2);

German chamomile is normally sold under the name of ‘chamomile’ or ‘camomile’ in shops and supermarkets, usually as tea bags. Chamomile is an excellent herb to soothe painful conditions of the digestive tract, to reduce bloating and relax tension in the bowel. It is most useful for conditions associated with anxiety and stress – so-called ‘nervous indigestion’. Hence it is often helpful for sufferers of irritable bowel syndrome (IBS). Chamomile is great for children’s tummy aches and for morning sickness in pregnant women.

However, some herbs are quite safe and can help with problems associated with pregnancy, like morning sickness. Again, I indicate clearly which herbs should not be taken while pregnant. The dosage for herbs that are safe in pregnancy may differ from the standard adult dose, so double check the recommendations for each herb.