From our list of ailments, see what Neem can be used for:

  • Detox

Natural Remedies using Neem

Treatment through water plays an important role in overcoming vaginitis. The patient should be given an enema with lukewarm neem water to cleanse the bowels and prevent the constipation which increases the toxemic condition, inflammation and infection in the genital organs. For general cleansing and elimination of purulent vaginal discharge, neem water vaginal douche at 35 o C – 40 o C followed by cold douche will be highly beneficial.

The most important factor in the treatment of pruritus vulvae caused by infections through fungus or parasites, is cleanliness. Bowels should be kept clean either through enemas or a natural diet. The patient must wear clean clothes to avoid this problem. After urination, the vagina should be thoroughly washed with plain cold water. IN case of severe pruritus, it is advisable to wash the vulva with neem leaves decoction and apply green light charged coconut oil.


The Benefit of using Neem as a natural cure

The Herbal PDR uses Antelaea. The USDA continues to use Azadirachta. Many authors, including KAP, have confused neem and chinaberry.

A decoction of the herb chebulic myrobalan has proved very useful for vaginal irritation and inflammation. It should be used as an external douche to wash the vulvar parts. When there is a thick white discharge, washing the part with decoction made with neem leaves and chebulic myrobalan fruits will greatly help.

Contraindications, Interactions, and Side Effects (Neem) — Not covered (AHP). No health hazards known at proper dosage levels (PHR). Excessive doses can cause convulsions, dyspnea, stupor, even death (APA). The oil seems to be more toxic to children because of an as yet undefined toxin that is particularly significant to younger people. Intoxication suggests Reye’s

The leaves of margosa ( neem ) are also useful in the treatment of mumps. The leaves of this tree and turmeric (haldi) should be made into a paste and applied externally over the affected parts. It will bring good results.