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On several occasions my health and in particular my joints have caused me sufficient problems to see the help of a chiropractor.  Back and shoulder pain is always a concern but the neck especially made me want to find the very best.

After much research and speaking to many I decided that only a McTimoney Chiropractor would do for me.

I have had treatment from Patrick McEvoy-Robinson (Bsc Hons PGCE DC MMCA) several time over the last few years and highly recommend this McTimoney Chiropractor.

I’m sure all the other chiropractors here are excellent too but I can recommend Patrick from personal experience.  Please mention Spirita when phoning.



Pear Tree Yard

Chiropractic Clinic

Pear Tree Yard

Town Street
NG10 5DU

Tel: 0115 9390504


Chiropractic Clinic

1 Victoria Embankment

Trent Bridge
West Bridgford

Tel: 0115 9863669


Chiropractic Clinic

23 Horsendale Avenue
NG16 1AQ

Tel: 0115 9272156

About McTimoney Chiropractors

McTimoney Chiropractic is a particularly gentle and effective whole body manipulative technique.  The McTimoney Chiropractor aims to correct the alignment of the bones and the spine and other joints of the body to restore nerve function to alleviate pain and to promote natural health.

About Chiropractors / Chiropractic Treatment

Chiropractic is a  manipulation-based therapy for treating problems related to bones and joints often the neck and the back. Chiropractors tend to focus on the joints of the spine and the nervous system while osteopaths put equal emphasis on the joints and surrounding muscles tendons and ligaments. You will find your chiropractor is skilled at both.

McTimoney chiropractors believe that many health problems are caused by poor posture and misalignment of muscles and joints and particularly the neck and spine).  If the structure of the body is improved and the spine put back into alignment the function of the body improves problems will be alleviated and good health will be restored.

Misalignment is usually thought by chiropractors to be due to an external cause such as a fall or other accident often in the past or to long-term poor posture computers being something your chiropractor will probably ask about.

Most chiropractors mainly treat back and neck pain but some especially McTimoney chiropractors also treat other health problems such as headaches migraines vertigo and tinnitus (ringing in the ears).

Nottinghamshire Chiropractors

Pear Tree Yard Chiropractic Clinic          ***  Highly Recommended  ***
Pear Tree Yard
Town Street Sandiacre
Nottinghamshire NG10 5DU

Tel: 0115 9390504


Trent Chiropractic Clinic          ***  Highly Recommended  ***
1 Victoria Embankment
Nottingham NG2 2JY

0115-986 3669

Nuthall Chiropractic Clinic          ***  Highly Recommended  ***
23 Horsendale Ave

Nottingham   NG16 1AQ

0115-927 2156


Nottingham Chiropractic Clinic

3 Hawksworth St
Nottingham NG3 2EG

0115-947 2131

Ruddington Chiropractic Clinic
178 Loughborough Rd
Nottingham Ruddington NG11 6LF

0115-974 3312

Sherwood Chiropractic Clinic
17 Winchester St
Nottingham NG5 4AJ

0115-985 7785

Beeston Chiropractic Clinic
191 Queens Rd
Nottingham Beeston NG9 2BZ

0115-922 5085

Radcliffe Chiropractic Clinic Ltd
9 Richmond Ter
Nottingham Radcliffe-on-Trent NG12 2FE

0115-933 4544