Quilts:- Solidarity against Cancer

Translated from Spanish:
The manager of an English school in La Flecha, Spain, has launched a charitable initiative to help children with cancer

Although currently the company is immersed in a maelstrom of haste that leaves little time to focus on the problems of those who live around you, there are times when people are opting to reveal and deal with this situation. People who prefer to ignore the stress and sacrifice some of the little time left to help others.

This is the case of the Victoria Bridge who through a charitable initiative, different and curious at the same time looking for ways to help children with cancer.

This prompted a blog, kekasdevictoriaymas.blogspot.com through which created a meeting place through the Internet, in which contact with more people willing to work on your goal. It started with making rag dolls “with fabric bearing the pink ribbon, commemorating the women who have breast cancer.” Some toys that went on sale to allocate the proceeds to the Spanish Association Against Cancer and developed “during the year that I was off work because my daughter found a small problem quickly diagnose”.

At that time when “I spent many hours in hospitals” saw “many things” that otherwise would not have ever lived. Something that was very clear that there have to “do something for others, even at the cost of leaving some of my time on it.”

A time that has dedicated the last year to make a “quilt raffle with a solidarity that ballots, the price of five euros each, which the association will donate Parents, Families and Friends of Children Oncology of Castile and Leon based in Salamanca.

This project was to unite, through a blog, “18 volunteers in Spain who were involved in sewing a quilt.” She was in charge of buying the fabrics, while Valladolid shop donated the quilt filling. And to put all to work, Victoria herself was responsible for “cutting the fabric, making the pattern and send all the girls who offered to help me.”

A complicated work but has already paid off and used to that, at least in his case, “I feel a little happier.” And not only for the work done or the idea of ​​supporting children suffering from the disease, but also to be aware that “even with little, help an NGO that because of the crisis, does not receive as many as would aid” .

And that for her, despite the difficult situation that exists in Spain, “are privileged over other countries.” He says knowingly, thanks to the many trips he has made, and is therefore very clear that “we must do more.” To do this in their teaching to make the smallest possible to “understand, since very young, for example, open a faucet and water comes out, is a privilege that not many people have.” In short, “educate very early” in evaluating all those things we hold in our hands from birth and that “unfortunately, are not available to everyone.” But not only from the financial support, but give some step. “I’ve been in situations that my students have understood solidarity to give one euro to whom they have believed that they need, when perhaps that person would have preferred a hug,” he said.

Finally, Victoria de la Puente explained how to acquire the ballots to help Pyfano. “It is through the blog. Here we give an account number to deposit the money and immediately notified them the numbers that have touched and, to coincide with the last three digits of the raffle coupon’s Eleven June 3, will become the winner of the quilt. ” A garment that, in addition to its economic value, leads the effort and sacrifice of 18 women who have left a small portion of his life to working with the poor.