Recipe For Keto Friendly Pancakes

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Keto Lemon-Maple Scallop Kebabs Recipe


  • 32 sea scallops (about a pound, or 455 g)
  • 1/2 cup (120 ml) lemon juice
  • 1/2 cup (120 ml) sugar-free pancake syrup

Keto Barbecue Rub.

  • 16 slices bacon


  1. Put the scallops in a bowl
  2. Mix together the lemon juice and pancake syrup, reserving some marinade for basting, and pour the rest over the scallops
  3. Give them a stir
  4. Then let them marinate for at least a half hour, and a few hours wont hurt-stir them now and again while they marinate
  5. At least 30 minutes before cooking time, put 4 bamboo skewers in water to soak
  6. Get your grill going before you assemble your kebabs
  7. With a fork or slotted spoon, lift the scallops out of their Marinade
  8. Pat them dry with a paper towel and put them on a plate
  9. Sprinkle them liberally with the barbecue rub
  10. Cut the slices of bacon in half
  11. Wrap each scallop around its circumference with a half-slice of bacon, piercing with a bamboo skewer to hold
  12. Put 8 bacon wrapped scallops on each skewer
  13. Grill, turning once or twice, over a medium-hot fire-have a water bottle on hand to put out flare-ups
  14. Baste once or twice with the reserved lemon-maple marinade, using a clean utensil each time
  15. Cook until the bacon is done and the scallops are fairly firm
  16. Makes 4 servings
  17. Has 15 grams of carb per serving, not counting the polyols in the pancake syrup

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