Regular Exercise

The Physical Benefits of Regular Exercise

As humans we all have basic and fundamental needs in order to stay as fit and healthy as we can. Firstly we need good nutrition and the right balance of vitamins and minerals within our bodies. We also need adequate hydration since most of our body actually comprises of water. We need decent sleep in order to rejuvenate ourselves and to cut the risk of getting ill due to exhaustion. What is the other thing that we need but many of us lose sight of? Exercise of course! Yes I know that nowadays it is extremely difficult to fit anything more into our busy day but exercising regularly is a necessity and not a luxury if you want your body to be fully functioning and healthy right on into old age. Exercise can turn your physical condition right around and create a strong body which resists illness and injury. Also if you are suffering from joint pain, arthritis and so on, regular exercise will increase the range of motion within your joints and will allow you to feel healthier, less stiff, far more flexible and can protect against osteoarthritis too.

Good exercise plans for joint health

Obviously any exercise which you can partake in will be good for you however if you have an underlying medical condition or physical problem then it is imperative that you consult your doctor before embarking on any exercise plan. Seek some of the best physiotherapy available to help ease you into exercise if it’s been a while!

  • ·         A good exercise for your joints is gyrotnics which is basically a system of exercises which gently strengthen the body through stretching and breathing correctly. This exercise is brilliant for stabilising the joints and for increasing mobility too.
  • ·         Tai Chi is another perfect and gentle exercise which will benefit an individual holistically. This will give your mind, body and spirit a feeling of wellbeing and involves fluid movements which have been proven to reduce pain within the joints. Originating in China, there has been a great move towards this in the west in recent years, and no wonder!
  • ·         Yoga is another very effective and safe way to ensuring the health of the joints and there are classes in every community centre up and down the country. Yoga helps your minds, body and spirit in so many ways. It is excellent for correcting postural issues, for coordination, balance and even for pain!

A great part of exercising is that not only does it help the body physically but mentally it helps you to stay positive too. Employing this along withorthotics if you need them can bring a new lease of life to a person!