Salt Cod with Garlic and Olive Oil Spanish Recipe

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Salt Cod With Garlic And Olive Oil Spanish Recipe


  • 4 4-ounce top-quality salt cod fillets (see tip)
  • 4 garlic cloves, peeled
  • ¼ cup Spanish extra-virgin olive oil
  • 2 bay leaves
  • 1 guindilla chile pepper (or your favorite dried chile pepper), cracked and seeded


  1. Put the cod in a large bowl, skin side up
  2. Cover with water, and refrigerate for 36 hours, changing the water at least 3 times to remove the salt
  3. When changing the water, however, reserve about one-third of the soaking liquid so the fish will retain some of the salty flavor
  4. The soaking time needed to release the salt from the fish may vary depending on the thickness of your salt cod
  5. Drain the cod and pat dry with a paper towel
  6. Split open the garlic cloves by pressing down with the heel of your hand or with the flat side of a kitchen knife
  7. Heat the olive oil in a medium nonstick saute pan over medium-low heat
  8. Add the garlic and cook until golden, about 2 minutes
  9. Remove the garlic and set aside
  10. Reduce the heat under the pan to low
  11. Add the bay leaves, chile pepper, and the cod, skin side down, and cook for 8 to 10 minutes
  12. Turn the cod over and cook for another 8 to 10 minutes until cooked through
  13. Carefully transfer the cod to a plate, flesh side down, and keep warm
  14. Remove the bay leaves and chile pepper and set aside
  15. Remove the pan from the heat and gently shake it in a circular motion
  16. You will see the white balls of natural gelatin that were released from the cod
  17. This gelatin will cause the sauce to emulsify
  18. Using the bottom of a small fine-mesh strainer, gently whisk the oil and gelatin together, while you shake the pan, until it emulsifies into a thick creamy liquid, 10 to 15 minutes
  19. Do not get frustrated if your sauce takes longer to emulsify; it may take up to 30 minutes
  20. Return the cod to the pan and heat over low heat to warm through
  21. Be careful not to overheat the sauce and cause it to break apart
  22. To serve, spoon some sauce onto each plate
  23. Place a cod fillet on top, skin side up, and garnish with the reserved garlic pieces, bay leaves, and chile pepper

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