Sinus Problems


Nasyam:  is the nasal application of herbal medicines along with heat and massage to cleanse the sinuses and also to nourish the nerves and muscles around shoulder.  The Ayurveda solution for sinus problems is well documented.

Improve your Sinus Problems with an holistic treatment holiday in Goa

Doctor H. Saleem Javed B.A.M.S.

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The most common ailment seen by physicians is what is generally referred to as an upper respiratory infection. In this category are such things as colds blocked stuffy noses congestive deafness sinus problems and what in the old days used to be called “catarrh of the head.”

You’re coughing and sneezing and tired and achy. You think that you might be getting a cold. Later when the medicines you’ve been taking to relieve the symptoms of the common cold are not working and you’ve now got a terrible headache you finally drag yourself to the doctor. After listening to your history of symptoms examining your face and forehead and perhaps doing a sinus X-ray the doctor says you have sinusitis. Sinusitis simply means your sinuses are infected or inflamed but this gives little indication of the misery and pain this condition can cause.

Traditional medicine often fails to help sinusitis then people look to alternative therapies including Nasyam  an Ayurveda solution.

If you are a chronic sufferer of debilitating sinus problems then I can recommend from personal experience a holiday in India where you can experience the relief Ayurveda treatments for Sinus can offer.  You can help sinusitis by using various other home remedies but none are as effective as Ayurveda nasyum in my opinion.