St Giles Hospice Staff

This page is by way of a thank you to the staff at St Giles Hospice, specifically in Burton but I’m sure there are many other branches that have excellent staff also.

Cure for Cancer?

St Giles Hospice Staff

The hospice cares for terminal cancer patients but this is by no mean all they do.  Many families have been saved a cruel end goodbye by the efforts of the staff at these hospices.  Without a caring place for loved ones to go, the much needed respite would be impossible.  We should not underestimate the devastating effect looking after a seriously ill family member can have on our own health and well being.

To know that the staff at St Giles are so caring, from the doctors and nurses through to the volunteers, tea and meal ladies and the cleaners, makes a very hard decision just a little bit easier.

If you can put yourself in the shoes of some-one losing a loved one to cancer or some other devastating illness I hope you will be inspired to make a donation to this very worthwhile cause, better still donate your time.  Before you think “I have no skills” just remember that simply being there is often the least understood role of all.