Tea Tree

From our list of ailments, see what Tea Tree can be used for:

  • Acne

Natural Remedies using Tea Tree

As an essential oil, I do not recommend using tea tree neat on the skin because it can cause local skin irritation. My preferred use is in the form of a cream – see box, above right.

Massage tea tree essential oil into the painful areas over the eyebrows and on the cheeks (for precautions see page 118). Adults: dilute 5 drops of the essential oil in 10ml of almond oil, massage 1-3 times a day.


The Benefit of using Tea Tree as a natural cure

If the area around the splinter is inflamed, add 1 drop of thyme or tea tree essential oil to the paste and proceed as above.

Inhale steam from tea tree essential oil and hot water under a towel. Adults: 5 drops in a large bowl of hot water.

Lavender is another herbal antiseptic, not as strong as tea tree (see page 118) but less irritating to the skin. It is also mildly anti-inflammatory. Lavender essential oil is the only essential oil that I would add to eczema cream; in my experience the others sooner or later cause skin irritation.

Dab tea tree essential oil neat on the developing spots (For precautions see page 118.) Adults and teenagers: twice a day.