From our list of herbs and spices, the following are recommended for Tendinitis:

  • Hemp Oil

Natural Cures and Remedies for Tendinitis

Indications (Brazilian Peppertree) — Adenopathy (f; CRC); Arthrosis (f; CRC); Atony (f; CRC); Bacteria (1; CRC); Bronchosis (f; CRC); Bruise (f; CRC); Cancer (f; HH2); Chill (f; CRC); Dermatosis (f; CRC); Diarrhea (f; CRC); Enterosis (f; CRC); Frigidity (f; CRC); Ganglion (f; CRC); Gout (f; CRC); Hemoptysis (f; CRC); Impotence (f; CRC); Infection (1; CRC; WOI); Pain (f; CRC); Rheumatism (f; CRC; WOI); Sciatica (f; CRC); Sore (f; CRC; HH2); Swelling (1; CRC; HH2); Syphilis (f; CRC; WOI); Tendinitis (f; CRC); Tumor (f; CRC); Ulcer (f; CRC); Virus (1; CRC; WOI); Water Retention (1; HH2); Wound (f; CRC; HH2).

Most athletic injuries and other types of physical injuries affect the skin, cartilage, muscles, and bones. Muscles strains and sprains, tendinitis, and bone fractures are the most common injuries. Repeated stress to the cartilage pads in joints, particularly in the knees, can weaken these cushions and set the stage for osteoarthritis. Physical stresses also may bruise internal organs such as the kidneys or the brain. For example, many boxers develop neurological damage years after they were fighting in the ring and absorbing punches. Even marathon runners exhibit elevated levels of inflammation-causing substances after a long-distance run.

Hemp Oil

CEB; MAB; PH2); Neuralgia (2; BGB; DEM; DEP; KOM; PH2; PIP); Neurosis (1; MAB); Pain (1; APA; BGB; CEB; DEM; FEL; MAB; PED; SHT); Pharyngosis (2; KOM; PH2); Phthisis (f; DEP); Pneumonia (f; CEB; DEM; FEL; MAB); Respirosis (2; KOM; PIP; PH2); Rheumatism (1; BGB; PED); Rhinosis (1; WAM); Ringworm (f; DEP); Satyrism (f; CEB); Sciatica (1; CEB; DEP; FNF); Sinusosis (1; APA; CEB; JNU); Sore Throat (1; BGB; MAD); Spermatorrhea (f; MAD); Splenosis (f; MAD); Stomachache (1; BGB; CEB; FAD; FEL); Stomatosis (2; BGB; KOM; PH2; PIP); Stone (f; MAD); Stress (f; APA); Syncope (f; MAD); Tendinitis (1; APA); Tonsilosis (f; MAD); Toothache (1; APA; DEP); Typhoid (f; CEB); Ulcer (1; FAD; PED); Urticaria (1; BGB); Uterosis (f; MAD); Vertigo (f; MAD); Virus (1; FAD; PH2; PNC; WAM); Vomiting (1; PNC); Water Retention (f; DEM); Worm (f; CEB; DEM).

‘-itis.” For example, gastritis means inflammation of the stomach, tendinitis refers to inflammation of the tendons, and gingivitis means inflammation of the gingiva (gums).

Indications (Autumn Crocus) — Aposteme (f; JLH); Arthrosis (1; HHB); Asthma (f; PH2); Bright’s Disease (f; CRC); Cancer (1; CRC); Cancer, skin (1; PH2); Cholera (f; CRC); Cirrhosis (f; PH2); Colic (f; CRC); Condyloma (f; PH2); Corn (f; CRC; JLH); Dermatosis (f; CRC); Dropsy (f; PH2); Enterosis (f; PH2); Fever (f; CRC); Gas (f; WOI); Gastrosis (f; PH2); Gout (2; CRC; KOM; PH2; WOI); Hepatosis (f; PH2; WOI); Induration (f; JLH); Inflammation (2; KOM; PH2; WOI); Insomnia (f; CRC); Leukemia (1; CRC; PH2; PNC); Mediterranean Fever (2; PHR; PH2); Morbus Behet (f; PH2); Necrosis (f; PH2); Nephrosis (f; PH2); Nervousness (f; CRC); Pain (2; PNC; WOI); Palsy (f; CRC); Pleurosis (1; HHB); Polyp (f; JLH); Prostatosis (f; CRC); Psoriasis (f; PH2); Rheumatism (1; CRC; PH2; PNC); Rhinosis (f; JLH); Splenosis (f; WOI); Tendinitis (f; PH2); Tumor (1; CRC); Typhus (f; CRC); Vaginosis (f; PH2); Vasculosis (f; PH2); Wart (f; JLH); Water Retention (f; CRC).