Umbilical Hernia

If you have a swelling or pain in the tummy button called your umbilicus, this is due to a rupture known as a hernia. Because of its position in the tummy button the rupture is called an umbilical hernia. Umbilical hernias account for approximately 14% of all hernias.

In some adults umbilical hernias will not resolve and may progressively worsen over time. They are sometimes caused by abdominal pressure due to being overweight excessive coughing or pregnancy. Umbilical hernia  rarely causes a problems in an adult. If it becomes acutely sore and tender to touch in an unusual way for you or if it changes colour then you should see your GP – otherwise leave well alone – there is no treatment other than surgical. Special supports etc are pretty useless for umbilical hernias

Babies frequently have umbilical hernias.