From our list of herbs and spices, the following are recommended for Warts:

  • Black Walnut Hull
  • Myrrh
  • Pau Darco
  • Quercetin

Natural Cures and Remedies for Warts

Tincture 1 to 4 dropperfuls per day, not to be consumed long-term. For warts, cover with tincture 2 times per day until gone.

Helps to stop bleeding and rid warts Apply a fomentation onto a wound to stop bleeding. Repeated applications are used to treat warts. Soothes mouth and scalp irritations Buckthorn has been used both as a mouthwash for gum disease and as a hair rinse for scalp irritations. Contraindications May cause loose stool. Con-suming fresh bark can induce vomiting.

Black Walnut Hull, Myrrh, Pau Darco, Quercetin

Eliminates skin problems Topically, the fresh juice can be used to eliminate warts, ringworm, tumors, and cysts. Cut a fresh picked stem to reveal the plant’s bright orange juice. A fomen-tation is an excellent application with greater celandine that avoids the risk of skin irritation. Fomentations are also good for relieving other inflammation problems, such as hemorrhoids, ulcers, and sprains. In the past this juice was mixed with milk to make an eye cream for the white spots that can appear on the cornea. I like this correlation, because the eyes in Chinese medicine theory are correlated with the liver. Contraindications Should not be taken during pregnancy. ose with glaucoma should avoid greater celandine. Topical application of juice may irritate skin.

times weekly on skin surfaces not exceeding 15 cm2 (AEH). The resin is potentially lethal if ingested, and three deaths have been attributed to oral ingestion or topical application. An intrau-terine death has been reported in a woman treated for vulvar warts ( LRNP, January 1992). Etoposide is a semisynthetic derivative.

You need to be persistent in treating warts, as they often take a long time to disappear. Warts that don’t diminish with the treatments described below, or widespread warts, may require an internal treatment.

Black Walnut Hull


Pau Darco


Slows cancer growth Research is providing many uses for cedar in the treatment of cancer. In a lab, cedar seems to increase phagocytosis, a process in which bacterial cells are engulfed and digested by other cells. It also shows antiviral activity. e eclectic physicians of the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries administered cedar internally and externally to patients, not only to slow down cancer growth but to eliminate it alto-gether. Some practitioners use it specifically for colon cancer and certain types of uterine cancers, injecting it directly into the a?ected areas. Treats warts and fungal infections Cedar has long been used for the external treatment of warts and fungal infections such as ringworm. Grieve (1931) stated that an injection of cedar directly into venereal warts caused them to disappear. Contraindications Should not be taken during pregnancy. Avoid in excessively large quantities because of the presence of thujone, which may be toxic. Persons with dry, irritating coughs should