30 Day Challenge Fitness Recovery

You may not be able to see your metabolism as it’s not tangible, but that doesn’t mean that it doesn’t play a vital role in your health. This one process in the body can help to control your ability to get fit (or not) and to lose weight or gain it. That makes it the number one priority for your efforts! If this is new to you, it’s time to invest a bit of time to learn what happens to the metabolism through our choices.
It’s important to recognize your limitations and increase your activity gradually to avoid injury, but with patience and perseverance you can get back to your previous state of fitness and health. If you have piled on those pounds, it’s VITAL that you don’t cut calories at the same time, with one exception. If you have been over eating, you should cut the EXCESS calories but no more. Concentrate on getting your basic fitness up to speed THEN you can look at your diet and decide if you can handle exercise on reduced calories. If not, stick with exercise and a sensible healthy diet. You will benefit more and lose more weight in the long run!


This is my personal Fitness Recovery Challenge. I have ME (Chronic Fatigue Syndrome) and sometimes I am ‘down’ a long time. If you have been ill or simply become a couch potato then this is the place to start. If your health allows, once complete, you can continue with one of our other 30 day challenges designed to lose 1lb every month. If you think you can easily manage the last week of this challenge (be sure!) then you can go straight to Fitness Recovery Stage 2.

If you have been out of action less than 3 months then your muscle tone should recover quickly. If it’s longer then you basically have to start from scratch. It’s important to have resistance exercises like squats and lunges, then later add arm etc. If you too have ME then watch around the 2 to 3 day mark for signs of energy depletion If this happens, rest a few days and start again at half measures, adding an extra week to the 30 days. If you are sure you are fitter than rock bottom you can start at week 2 or 3.

Average no. of calories for Fitness Recovery combined per week.

Calories Burned in 10 minutes daily

  • Weight 100lb:461
  • Weight 120lb:553
  • Weight 125lb:576
  • Weight 150lb:692
  • Weight 175lb:807
  • Weight 200lb:922
  • Weight 250lb:1153
  • Weight 300lb:1384

  • Calories Burned in 2 minutes daily

  • Weight 100lb:92
  • Weight 120lb:111
  • Weight 125lb:115
  • Weight 150lb:138
  • Weight 175lb:161
  • Weight 200lb:184
  • Weight 250lb:231
  • Weight 300lb:277

  • Calories Burned in 5 minutes daily

  • Weight 100lb:231
  • Weight 120lb:277
  • Weight 125lb:288
  • Weight 150lb:346
  • Weight 175lb:404
  • Weight 200lb:461
  • Weight 250lb:576
  • Weight 300lb:692

  • Calories Burned in 15 minutes daily

  • Weight 100lb:692
  • Weight 120lb:830
  • Weight 125lb:865
  • Weight 150lb:1038
  • Weight 175lb:1211
  • Weight 200lb:1384
  • Weight 250lb:1729
  • Weight 300lb:2075

  • Calories Burned in 20 minutes daily

  • Weight 100lb:922
  • Weight 120lb:1107
  • Weight 125lb:1153
  • Weight 150lb:1384
  • Weight 175lb:1614
  • Weight 200lb:1845
  • Weight 250lb:2306
  • Weight 300lb:2767

  • Calories Burned in 30 minutes daily

  • Weight 100lb:1384
  • Weight 120lb:1660
  • Weight 125lb:1729
  • Weight 150lb:2075
  • Weight 175lb:2421
  • Weight 200lb:2767
  • Weight 250lb:3459
  • Weight 300lb:4151

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