30 Day Challenge Fitness Recovery 2nd Stage

We can all find 10 minutes a day, no matter how busy we are and that’s all it takes to lose 1lb a week. When you complete this challenge you are basically fit enough to attempt any of the other challenges. Do bear in mind though, that we are currently working on cardio plus lower body muscles so you will feel the burn when you move onto working different muscles. If you can find 20 minutes a day, try 2 challenges (take it steady to start). In 20 minutes a day, our challenges are designed to lose 2 lb a week. If you have your diet under control (ie not OVER eating) there is no need to cut calorie intake. You can remove the word DIET from your vocabulary!


This is stage 2 of my personal Fitness Recovery Challenge. For those recovering from illnes, if you got this far, well done. This challenge will take you to a level the average person would be happy to own! At the end of the challenge, not only can you be proud to declare yourself “fit” but you will be losing 1lb a week without having to diet.

Please don’t attempt it if you struggled with the first recovery challenge and if you have any doubts at all, consult your doctor. And take the rest days! Muscles need recovery time in order to grow.

Average no. of calories for Fitness Recovery 2nd Stage combined per week.

Calories Burned in 10 minutes daily

  • Weight 100lb:400
  • Weight 120lb:480
  • Weight 125lb:500
  • Weight 150lb:600
  • Weight 175lb:700
  • Weight 200lb:800
  • Weight 250lb:1000
  • Weight 300lb:1200

  • Calories Burned in 2 minutes daily

  • Weight 100lb:80
  • Weight 120lb:96
  • Weight 125lb:100
  • Weight 150lb:120
  • Weight 175lb:140
  • Weight 200lb:160
  • Weight 250lb:200
  • Weight 300lb:240

  • Calories Burned in 5 minutes daily

  • Weight 100lb:200
  • Weight 120lb:240
  • Weight 125lb:250
  • Weight 150lb:300
  • Weight 175lb:350
  • Weight 200lb:400
  • Weight 250lb:500
  • Weight 300lb:600

  • Calories Burned in 15 minutes daily

  • Weight 100lb:600
  • Weight 120lb:720
  • Weight 125lb:750
  • Weight 150lb:900
  • Weight 175lb:1050
  • Weight 200lb:1200
  • Weight 250lb:1500
  • Weight 300lb:1800

  • Calories Burned in 20 minutes daily

  • Weight 100lb:800
  • Weight 120lb:960
  • Weight 125lb:1000
  • Weight 150lb:1200
  • Weight 175lb:1400
  • Weight 200lb:1600
  • Weight 250lb:2000
  • Weight 300lb:2400

  • Calories Burned in 30 minutes daily

  • Weight 100lb:1200
  • Weight 120lb:1440
  • Weight 125lb:1500
  • Weight 150lb:1800
  • Weight 175lb:2100
  • Weight 200lb:2400
  • Weight 250lb:3001
  • Weight 300lb:3601

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