60 Day Challenge Squats Bridges Push Ups


Designed to lose around 1lb a month in about 10 minutes a day. The first week may be challenging for some, easy for others. For more of a challenge you can top up the first week with a brisk daily 1 mile walk, the second week a half mile walk.

Feel free to mix and match but try not to get an imbalance. You will find a more accurate calorie burn for your weight below.

If you are fit and think you will find it easy then try the 30 Day Challenge. Also designed to get you to the point of burning enough to lose 1lb of fat every month with just 10 minutes a day (by the end of the challenge), the 30 day challenge has a faster pace an a more strenuous start. You can start at any point in the challenge, either challenge week 3 or 6 for example, wherever you feel confident. If you struggle, repeat a week. A little longer is better than crashing because you over did it!

Average no. of calories for Squats Bridges Push Ups combined per week.

Calories Burned in 10 minutes daily

  • Weight 100lb:478
  • Weight 120lb:573
  • Weight 125lb:597
  • Weight 150lb:717
  • Weight 175lb:836
  • Weight 200lb:956
  • Weight 250lb:1195
  • Weight 300lb:1434

  • Calories Burned in 2 minutes daily

  • Weight 100lb:96
  • Weight 120lb:115
  • Weight 125lb:119
  • Weight 150lb:143
  • Weight 175lb:167
  • Weight 200lb:191
  • Weight 250lb:239
  • Weight 300lb:287

  • Calories Burned in 5 minutes daily

  • Weight 100lb:239
  • Weight 120lb:287
  • Weight 125lb:299
  • Weight 150lb:358
  • Weight 175lb:418
  • Weight 200lb:478
  • Weight 250lb:597
  • Weight 300lb:717

  • Calories Burned in 15 minutes daily

  • Weight 100lb:717
  • Weight 120lb:860
  • Weight 125lb:896
  • Weight 150lb:1075
  • Weight 175lb:1254
  • Weight 200lb:1434
  • Weight 250lb:1792
  • Weight 300lb:2150

  • Calories Burned in 20 minutes daily

  • Weight 100lb:956
  • Weight 120lb:1147
  • Weight 125lb:1195
  • Weight 150lb:1434
  • Weight 175lb:1673
  • Weight 200lb:1911
  • Weight 250lb:2389
  • Weight 300lb:2867

  • Calories Burned in 30 minutes daily

  • Weight 100lb:1434
  • Weight 120lb:1720
  • Weight 125lb:1792
  • Weight 150lb:2150
  • Weight 175lb:2509
  • Weight 200lb:2867
  • Weight 250lb:3584
  • Weight 300lb:4301

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