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Natural Remedies using Bay


The formation of stones in the kidneys is the result of defects in the general metabolism. They usually occur when the urine becomes highly concentrated due to heavy perspiration or insufficient intake of fluids. They are aggravated by a sedentary lifestyle. The other causes are wrong diet, excess intake of acid-forming foods, white flour and sugar products, meat, tea, coffee, condiments and spices, rich foods and overeating. Lack of vitamin A and an excessive intake of vitamin B may also lead to formation of stones.


The Benefit of using Bay as a natural cure

Because of estrogenic activity and reputed abortifacient activity, its use in pregnancy and lactation is to be avoided (CAN; WAM). “In India, licorice has been used as a sweetener, aphrodisiac, emmenagogue, and galactagogue” (PED).

Many physicians have found quercetin supplements, 300 to 500 mg daily, helpful in treating pollen allergies, but there is a catch. Quercetin supplements have failed to pass the Ames test for mutagenicity, which means they cause breaks in genetic material and conceivably could increase the risk of cancer. In practical terms this risk may be remote because fruits and vegetables supply many nutrients that enhance the body’s repair mechanisms. But still, there is something troubling about taking a potential carcinogen to treat inflammation or allergies. Only one form of quercetin has passed the Ames test. That is quercetin chalcone, made by Thorne Research (208-263-1337).

Contraindications, Interactions, and Side Effects (Wormwood) – Class 2b, 2d (AHP). Emmenagogue and uterotonic. Not for prolonged use. Do not exceed recommended dose (AHP). Do not use more than 4 consecutive weeks (SKY). None known (KOM). Contraindications of GI ulcer.


In this chapter we have explored a variety of vitamins, vitaminlike nutrients, and herbs that have documented anti-inflammatory and healing properties. These nutrients and herbs should be added to the core Anti-Inflammation Syndrome Diet Plan and supplement recommendations, but obviously you cannot take or use all of them all the time. In the next section we will focus on preventing and reversing some of the most common inflammatory disorders.

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