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  • Hepatitis

Natural Remedies using Blue-Green Algae


Single, erect, simple stems, 12 to 24 inches. Upper side of large ovate leaves are blue-green. Multiple white flowers appear early summer to midsummer on a terminal cylindrical spike. Grows in the lower parts of mountain ranges. Harvest roots in early autumn. Divide clumps in early spring for transplanting. Grow in moist soil that does not dry out, full sun to part shade. Zones 3-9.


The Benefit of using Blue-Green Algae as a natural cure

copene, found in vegetables and fruit, can ease asthmatic reactions. Ami Ben-Amotz, Ph.D., of Israel’s National Institute of Oceanography, and his colleagues measured lung function in thirty-eight people with asthma, then asked them to run on a treadmill. The subjects had an average decrease of at least 15 percent in their lung function. Next, Ben-Amotz gave them 64 mg of natural beta-carotene (derived from Dunaliella algae) daily for seven days. After taking the supplements (equivalent to about 100,000 IU daily), they went back on the treadmill. This time, twenty (53

The diet of the patient suffering from glaucoma should be based on three basic food groups,namely, seeds, nuts and grains ; vegetables and fruit, with emphasis on raw vitamin C-rich foods, fresh fruits and vegetables. The breakfast may consist of oranges or grapes or any other juicy fruits in season and a handful of raw nuts or seeds. A raw vegetable salad with olive


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