Bupleurum Root

From our list of ailments, see what Bugleweed can be used for:

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  • Diarrhea
  • Excessive Menstruation
  • Heart Disease

Natural Remedies using Bugleweed


Virtually all supplemental GLA is derived from evening primrose, borage, or black currant seed oils. Many of the GLA supplements sold are actually labeled as “evening primrose,” “borage seed oil,” or “black currant seed oil,” with the actual quantity of GLA listed in fine print on the back of the label. As you might expect, each type of oil has its proponent, often because of financial interests.

Diarrhea, Excessive Menstruation, Heart Disease

The Benefit of using Bugleweed as a natural cure

Induces sweating When administered in small amounts, a hot infusion of yarrow will open the skin to induce sweating by gently raising the body temperature, which in turn purifies the blood of bacterial or viral toxins, which cannot survive with the increased temperature. I loved reading an account from herbalist John Christopher (1976) about his administration of yarrow to his daugh-ter, who was sick with influenza. She had gone to their country home for a visit and had fallen ill, with a high fever, restlessness, and a headache. He had noticed yarrow growing nearby, collected it, and gave her hot yarrow tea, despite her initial protests. By the second dosage and within 20 minutes, she was perspiring freely. Within the hour she reported feeling better, and by morning she had recovered. is perfectly demonstrates the ease with which you can help someone with a safe, readily available resource with confidence in the knowledge of plant medicine. Contraindications Avoid large doses during preg-nancy. Allergic reactions in rare cases.

highly resistant to this immune response, which can inflame the stomach wall and may eventually lead to an ulcer. Free radicals damage the DNA in stomach wall cells, increasing the chance of mutations, some of which could seed cancers.

A well-balanced diet provides as abundance of minerals and vitamins. In refining cereals, grains and sugar, we have robbed them of their natural vitamins and minerals. The dietary sources of these nutrients are whole grains, cereals, bran and germ. It is the bran and germ which are removed in processing. To obtain a balance of nutrients, it is , therefore, necessary to avoid refined and processed foods but an intake of adequate green leafy vegetables which are an excellent source of many nutrients should be ensured.

Excessive Menstruation
Heart Disease

JFM); Nausea ; Nephrosis ; Ophthalmia ; Pain ; Paroxysm ; Pharyngosis ; Rash ; Rheumatism ; Scabies ; Sore ; Sore Throat ; Sting ; Tumor ; Ulcer ; Vomiting ; Wart ; Water Retention ; Wound .

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