Calories Burned Index

You are probably used to Fad Diets and cutting back drastically with so many diets that you have tried in the past. The reality is that you shouldn’t have to eat that way to lose weight. You should be eating  appropriate portion sizes, but that doesn’t mean cutting back hard. You may very well eat more than you are used to, and that’s a very welcome adjustment to a new lifestyle. Eating smaller meals more frequently has numerous benefits.  Eating more often throughout the day means you experience fewer hunger pains, have stable blood sugars and typically eat less overall.

The fact is, it is WAY better to make sure your diet does not exceed you normal days calorie burn and then to add extra exercise. 500 calories a day will lose 1lb per week.


There are zero-carb diets out there, where people mostly just eat meat. Some choose to add eggs, fats, cheese, butter, cream, but overall, the goal is to consume close to zero carbohydrates. While this level of a ketogenic diet, is by no means representative of all ketogenic diets, very low-carb diets are close to the extreme end of the spectrum. Most people following a ketogenic diet consume between 20 and 50 grams of net carbohydrates per day.

When you factor in fiber, you could be eating as much as 100 grams of total carbs, an important distinction to make as many people argue against ketogenic diets, stating how extreme they are in their total elimination of carbohydrates. For the most part, this is simply not true.

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