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From our list of herbs and spices, the following are recommended for Attention Deficit Disorder:

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  • Evening primrose oil

Natural Cures and Remedies for Attention Deficit Disorder


Dr. Lotter remembers a patient who had been on a three month carbohydrate-free diet as part of a program for obsessive eaters. “These people who binge out, they are not bingeing out on carrots, they are not bingeing out on fruits and vegetables, they are bingeing out on carbohydrates. Eating whole loaves of bread. One woman said she had eaten 20,000 calories at one sitting. It is my contention that people who have these extreme eating disorders have physiological low Serotonin levels.

Excessive drinking imposes a strain on the liver. It gradually destroys its functions and often causes cirrhosis of the liver. It leads to disorders of the stomach and bowels. It can cause brain damage as brain cells are often affected by it. Alcohol also affects the heart which becomes weak and flabby.

Evening primrose oil

Some of the other important factors responsible for prolapse of the uterus are prolonged labour, an interference in the delivery by inexpert people, lack of proper rest and diet in post-natal periods, repeated deliveries and manual work. An increased weight of the womb, tumours of the uterus, traction of the uterus and surgical injuries can also lead to this disorder. Menopausal atrophy may also precipitate it.

Hypoglycemia is a serious disorder as the brain cannot function properly when the blood sugar level is too low. Like all other organs of the body, the brain receive its fuel from the diet. But it can use only the sugar produced by the body from carbohydrates. Unlike many of the body tissues, it cannot store its fuel. Therefore, it must get a constant supply of sugar through the bloodstream. Mental disturbances caused by subnormal blood sugar levels can seriously affect a person’s life.

Contraindications, Interactions, and Side Effects (Oak) – Class 2d (AHP). Contraindicated even for external use when skin is extensively damaged, especially with weeping eczema, febrile and infectious disorders, and cardiac insufficiency states III and IV, hypertonia stage IV (AHP).

Evening primrose oil

Contraindications, Interactions, and Side Effects (Nux Vomica) – Not covered (AHP); Commission E reports the seed contains the toxic alkaloid strychnine (AEH). Poisoning can generate anxiety, backache, enhanced reflexes, equilibrium disorders, heightened sense perception, pain, and stiff neck, then convulsions, dyspnea, and twitching. Lethal dose ca. 50 mg strychnine (1-2 g seed) (PH2).

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