How Many Calories?

Step Away from the Scales

The fact is, most of us don’t need to change our eating habits completely. We just need to make smart but simple changes. Dieticians and nutritionists agree that low-fat, low-calorie cooking skills, along with a basic knowledge of food labels and portion sizes, are the key to keeping slim. It has been suggested that consuming just 100 fewer calories a day (about one cookie’s worth) will prevent the average yearly weight gain of 2 pounds. That’s not exactly starving yourself.

Another study showed that most of us are used to eating just that little bit too much. It found that women who consumed 800 fewer calories a day than normal felt just as full and satisfied.

They did it by making small changes – for example, skim milk instead of whole, eating half as much cheese, more vegetables, and less fat overall. Small changes like these are easier to stick to and harder to go back on. But they add up to a significant drop in calories – and dress size.

Take a positive attitude toward food. No denial or guilt – just the promise of mouthwatering delights instead of dull food. In this book, you’ll be able to quickly and easily figure out how and why you’re consuming a few too many calories, and learn the secret to cutting down without losing out.

You don’t have to become a culinary queen, you just need to cook more and cook smarter.


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