How Many Calories Burned


We have come to accept over the past few decades the hypotheses—and that is what they are—that dietary fat, calories, fiber, and physical activity are the critical variables in obesity and leanness in health and disease. But the fact remains that, over those same decades, medical researchers have elucidated a web of physiological mechanisms and phenomena involving the singular effect of carbohydrates on blood sugar and on insulin, and the effect of blood sugar and insulin, in turn, on cells, arteries, tissues, and other hormones, that explain the original observations and support this alternative hypothesis of chronic disease.


Calories Burned Tips

Many people try to “spot reduce” certain areas of the body by doing isolated exercises (abs, thigh, buttocks, etc.). The problem is even though your body may store more fat cells in certain areas of your body, the science of burning them off simply doesn’t work the same way. The truth is that to burn off the fat deposit in any area of your body you will have to reduce your overall body fat. Therefore, doing countless reps of isolated moves will NEVER get you the results you want.

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