Kids Health on Holiday

It’s scary having a kid these days because you don’t know what is going to happen to them. When they are younger you might decide to wrap them in cotton wool and ban them from doing anything dangerous, but sometimes this can have the opposite affect you were hoping for. Kids rebel when they get to a certain age and they can drive you crazy. Your main concern is that they don’t get hurt and as long as you hear them come in each night you can sleep a little easier.

That is until they come and ask you if they can go on their first holiday without you. As soon as you recover from the shock you might realize you will have to let them go. All their friends are going and they are at the age where they’re meant to be able to look after their own body. All they need to do is drag it home each night after they’ve went crazy with drink. Sometimes things do go wrong, so it’s worth understanding what they are so you can have a conversation with them before they leave the house.

Sitting on balconies

Having a balcony is amazing and it’s something you might only get to experience once per year. You know what it was designed for and that is to sit outside in the fresh air. Younger adults have other ideas and they like to play about and climb on the railings. Some have even decided to turn into Spiderman and start climbing around the hotel. There are so many reports of people falling to their death, so you should definitely drum this into them in case they try anything like that themselves.

Stopping at the right time

Your child won’t be old enough to drink in the US. That isn’t to say they’ve never touched alcohol before, but when it’s free flowing and they are drinking more than they’ve ever done in their life it can be hard to know when to stop. It’s so hard that a lot of people end up in a foreign hospital getting their stomach pumped. Hopefully they don’t go crazy because then they might be put off drinking when they wake up with a hangover. You just need them to reach this stage before they can go crazy their first few times and they’ll learn when to stop.

Not going sun crazy

Every young person thinks they turn into a glamorous celebrity on the red carpet whenever they have a beautiful suntan. Even the guys feel this way and they are just as likely to be cooking themselves alive at the beach. You need to explain to them that sunscreen is there for a reason and skin cancer isn’t nice. They might have to learn the hard way by getting burned and losing a few days of their holiday because they can’t go outside, but hopefully it doesn’t come to that.

Always wearing something

When youngsters go on holiday and the alcohol is flowing it’s inevitable that some of them will have sex. A large percentage of those people don’t bother wearing any protection and they wonder why it stings when they go to the toilet. Sometimes it can be even worse and we all know the kind of diseases where you get no second chances. Another problem that only happens to the girls is coming home pregnant not having any idea who the father is. Buy them a box of condoms and stuff it into their suitcase.

Learning when to say no

Drugs might not be everywhere in our own country when we go out drinking, but when you go to some countries their rules are much more lax. That means there will be people walking around offering drugs of any kind. It’s sometimes hard for young people to say no when they have been drinking and their friends are trying to encourage them to misbehave. They need a voice to appear inside their head telling them to stay away and they could get it from you speaking to them about it before they leave.