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Cava Mimosa with Clementine Spanish

Cava Mimosa With Clementine Spanish


  • 1 clementine
  • ¼ teaspoon lecithin
  • 1 cup fresh clementine juice (from about 6 clementines)
  • 1 bottle of cava (spanish sparkling wine)


  1. Peel the clementine, reserving the peel, and remove the segments by slicing toward the core on each side of the membranes with a sharp knife
  2. Pull out the segments and set aside
  3. Combine the lecithin and clementine juice in a mixing bowl
  4. Cover the bowl tightly with plastic wrap, then make a small hole in the center of the plastic wrap and insert an immersion blender
  5. Tilt the bowl slightly to the side and, with the blender positioned just on the top of the liquid, mix on high speed until you have a frothy foam
  6. Be sure to dissolve all of the lecithin
  7. The froth should form stiff peaks that will hold for about 30 minutes
  8. You can mix again with the blender if it deflates
  9. Rub the rims of 4 champagne glasses with the clementine peel, then pour in the cava
  10. Top each glass with a large spoonful of clementine air and garnish with a segment of clementine

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