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Why an online personal trainer?

Working with a personal trainer allows you a personalized fitness program designed for you alone. In fact, there are many ways that working with a fitness trainer is better than face-to-face. More affordable than a gym session, an online personal trainer gives you the freedom to choose exercises to suit you. 

Unlike normal gym visits where you have access to your trainer during your session, most personal trainers allow you to stay in touch with them. Having a flexible lifestyle and communication options is key for succeeding with your health and fitness goals. For weight loss, having a personal trainer can very incredibly motivating.

My personal choice would be to look for an individual or small partnership rather than a big company with reliance an apps.


How much does a personal trainer cost?

Rates typically start at 50$ a month but can rise to triple that or more so have a good hunt around, not necessarily going for the cheapest!

How do I find the right online fitness trainer?

Be specific in what you’re looking for

There are different types of trainers out there with different specialties and approaches to fitness. Set your goals and then look for someone whose training style and personality you best respond to. Obviously if you’re training for a marathon, you probably don’t want to work with a yoga coach; if boot camp style sessions don’t inspire, you probably don’t want to work with a military style trainer.

Check out their experience and qualifications

Qualifications say a lot but experience and word of mouth says a whole lot more. However if you choose someone formally unqualified, apply your own common sense and check with your medical advisor if necessary. Motivation is a large part of success.

Personal Training

Some Online Training Companies

  1. Mirror – Mirror introduced a personal training alongside its live and on-request classes, making it easier than ever to get quality personal training. A camera allows you and your trainer to see each other in real time, making it as close as you can get to training in person. Costing $40 a session, and you can have as many people as you want training at once. Sadly you need to spend $1500 on Mirror equipment to use it.
  2. Fitbit Coach – Turn your FitBit watch into an online personal trainer using FitBit Coach. Not a real person, it helps you put together a fitness plan to reach your long-term goals while also allowing you to track progress in real time. It gives you personalized recommendations based on your activity levels, plus audio coaching through the app. FitBit Premium costs $80 a year (or $10 a month), and comes with additional features like advanced sleep tracking.
  3. Trainiac – For $80 a month, Trainiac sets you up with a personal trainer who will put together an individualized fitness program for you. It comes with daily workouts, video training, based on your goals as well as the activities you choose. You’ll also have access to someone who will monitor your progress, and who you can regularly get in touch with via video chats and text messaging.
  4. Aaptiv – An audio-based workout app that offers personalized training programs for those who are working towards a specific goal like running a mile or training for a 5K.

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